a cool Richard Berry photo with Wanda Coleman and Michelle T. Clinton

© Heather Harris

My friend Heather Harris shared this wonderful photograph on Facebook!

For Black History Month, one of the most important persons ever in Rock & Roll: this man wrote “Louie, Louie.” Richard Berry flanked by Wanda Coleman and Michelle T. Clinton.

Heather shared some history on how this photo happened..

I did the art direction and design for Black Angeles, a spoken word album by Michelle T. Clinton and Wanda Coleman on New Alliance, produced by Harvey Kubernik, released 1988. This is my primary clue that my photo of the two poets with Richard Berry was taken in 1988 at a spoken word event at the Ash Grove in 1988. This was taken backstage with no flash, under a bare lightbulb. Someone must have pointed out Richard Berry to me, whereupon I insisted that this important songwriter musician pose with my two clients.

To see more of Heather’s wonderful photographs, please visit:


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