The Unlikely Adventure of Emma Berquist

Today’s post may not seem to have any obvious LOUIE connections, but it’s a human story that I thought was worth sharing.

This post refers to a scary real life story of Emma Berquist, who survived a terrible assault in New Zealand.

Emma is the daughter of my friend and film school teacher Lon Berquist.

Lon was in charge of the public access TV program that I used when I borrowed some video gear to document a crazy LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC Radio many years ago, which somehow became the starting point for this LOUIE documentary quest that this website is connected to.

Emma lived in “dangerous cities” in the USA, but got attacked, and almost killed in “peaceful” New Zealand.

Emma’s story is a scary one, but it’s well written and has a good ending (she survived).

In fact, I enjoyed so much I decided to subscribe to, the website that shared Emma’s story.

Check it out…

Baby We’ll Be Fine – by Emma Berquist

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