The Latest List of All Known Versions of LOUIE LOUIE

With the beginning of the new year, we thought this would be a good time to acknowledge the latest efforts to answer the question “How many versions of LOUIE LOUIE are there, anyways?”

Our friend Clay Stabler has created a special Wikipedia page to answer that very question.

“Making progress on the LL discography on Wikipedia, but am finding more than I bargained for. Currently at 2300 entries with another 550+ yet to be added from YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Soundclick, etc. Looks like the total will be well north of 2850. With the inevitable additions over the next few years, I predict 3000 versions in the near future.”

This has been quite an undertaking. Clay’s discography Wikipedia page has included the initial LOUIE discography by Jeff Stretch Riedle + Doc Pelzel that was included in Dave Marsh’s 1993 book; the KFJC log sheets + air checks from the 1983 Maximum LOUIE LOUIE event; Theo de Grood’s LOUIE Pages website; Mike Hintze’s multiple lists at louielouieweb; Andy Martello’s webpage; the Orme Radio Italian LL Marathon playlist; Real Music Club Radio Show playlists; Discogs; Allmusic; 45catcom pages;IMDb and various other sources as well as the EP’s Almost-Complete LL Discography from these pages.

It should be noted that the Wikipedia is a limited online database, where brevity is the norm. A comprehensive online LOUIE database featuring expanded information, graphics and links is still in the planning stage.

This is very much a work in progress to be continued…

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