KeysToTheCaravan – LOUIE Mashup of the Week

Things have been hectic at LOUIE Central, doing all sorts of LL-related things behind the scenes, so to speak, and we haven’t been spending as much time on the blog as we’d like to.

Our friend Joe Maccoll just sent us a LOUIE, which feels like a great version to highlight as a LOUIE of the Week, even if its been awhile since the last one.

To paraphrase Rockin’ Robin Roberts and Jack Ely, let’s give it to ’em right now!

From the YouTube description for this week’s LOUIE by KeysToTheCaravan:

KeysToTheCaravan perform a live mashup cover of Wild Thing/Louie Louie

KeysToTheCaravan are an Aberdeenshire based band currently looking for gigs in the UK and beyond!

Filmed by Terry Walker
Edited by Gregor Carlin
Audio Recorded at Captain Toms

Featuring: Gregor Carlin (Rythm Guitar and Vocals), Callum Ewen (Lead Guitar), Matthew Mckessick (Drums) and Michael Fyffe (Bass and Vocals)

For Contact message us on Facebook at
Email [email protected]

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