a Lost LOUIE – the pre-Flamin’ Groovies

Aldo Pedron shared this wonderful vintage image on Facebook five years ago, which was then shared in a Flamin’ Groovies Facebook group


Cyril Jordan ( guitar), George Alexander (bass),
Tim Lynch (rhythm guitar) were in school together and has this band which played school dances and social affairs.
( this band , there is no relation to the Chosen Few who recorded on Autumn records or even nor any of the other Chosen Fews you might be familiar with).
In 1966 they changed name to
THE LOST AND FOUND with the addition of
RON GRECO on drums.

As far as I know, that particular performance was NOT recorded.

When this band transformed into the Flamin’ Groovies, they did indeed perform LOUIE LOUIE multiple times, and recorded this studio version during the “Teenage Head” sessions.


…. but we’re still hoping SOMEONE recorded that 1965 version by “Chosen Few.”

Hope springs eternal, ya know…?

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