LOUIE on TV – part 6 (Happy Days, Fall Guy + Meatloaf)

This week, the latest LOUIE on TV update is provided by two longtime LLama associates !!

We begin with two updates from special LLama associate Clay Stabler:

Happy Days (CBS)
Season 8 / episode 5 / 1980-12-09
“Joanie Gets Wheels”

A version of LL plays on Potsie’s car radio from 3:45-3:52. Didn’t recognize the version. Sounds like a Kingsmen imitation.

Fall Guy (ABC)
Season 4 / episode 5 / 1984-10-17
“Terror U.”

Lee Majors and team are visiting “Gamma House” and LL plays from 7:16-8:54 and intermittently in the background until 10:33. Sounds like another Kingsmen imitation but not sure. Can anyone else tell?

…. and an update from special LLama associate Jeff Stretch Riedle:

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (Classic Albums) (Image Entertainment)

Stretch Riedle provides the description for this one..

NEWSFLASH! Although this was made in 1999, it was just tonight that I saw it for the first time. On Amazon Prime, I watched a video/documentary entitled “Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (Classic Albums)“. At 40:17 Ellen Foley makes a reference to Louie Louie. Besides being one of my favorite rock artists, there is now a connection between Meat Loaf and LL. The world is saved!

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