Hot Chocolate’s Brother Louie (1973) – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is on “Brother Louie,” a song which many people have confused with Richard Berry‘s LOUIE LOUIE. “Brother Louie” became a hit recording with Ian Lloyd & Stories back in 1973, and was brought back into the spotlight in 2010 with the TV show entitled LOUIE, a sitcom loosely based […]

Sophie Villy on Aristrocrats.FM – LOUIE of the Week

Today, the mighty LOUIE LOUIE spotlight is pointed at Sophie Villy, a Georgian (not Russian) singer that delivered a soulful rendition of THE SONG, covering the Iggy Pop– American Caesar version, while adding a few extra phrases from the song “At Last.” This performance took place sometime this month on The Great Fisun Show […]

Hold that thought…

This week, I didn’t get around to posting a LOUIE of the Week. It’s been a rather hectic week. A road trip 400 miles from home and the sudden death of Nina kinda threw me off the usual schedule, but I should have something fresh for next week…

RIP: Nina Broadwater-Johnson, daughter-in-law of Richard Berry

I am saddened, shocked and speechless by the sudden death of Nina Broadwater-Johnson, who was once a daughter-in-law of Richard Berry (author of LOUIE LOUIE). My heart goes to out to Richard D’juan Berry and Devin Berry over the loss of their beloved mother. She was a kind woman that I feel so very […]

White Sodium – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is by a band known as White Sodium, and I believe this performance is from a 2010 music festival in Lyon, France.

I don’t know how old these kids are, but they definitely rock!