Marksman – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is a song named “Louie-Louie” that doesn’t appear to have any connection with the Richard Berry composition.

This is a video clip of a band known as Marksman, playing at Shibuya Cyclone in Tokyo, Japan on January 26, 2013.

Someone named “bigmuff2 さんのチャンネル” for posted this one!


Michael Nesmith with Monkees – Micro-LOUIE of the Week

Six seconds of Michael Nesmith with the Monkees doing LOUIE LOUIE? Or was it “Wild Thing?”

At this website, we’re on a mission to demonstrate that LOUIE LOUIE is the most-performed song of the past 50 years, and this little video clip is merely additional evidence to prove this thesis absolutely correct!

So LOUIE […]

Her Aim is True – the Jini Dellaccio documentary

If I were in the Seattle area this weekend, I would definitely be at the Highway 99 Blues Club on Sunday night.

Photographer Jini Dellaccio is the subject of a new documentary entitled “Her Aim Is True,” and Sunday is the big night for a benefit concert featuring Northwest music legends Merrilee Rush, Buck […]

Surf!n’ Dead Cats – LOUIE of the Week

Surf!n’ Dead Cats has to be one of the silliest names I’ve heard all week!

They do a rockin’ version of LOUIE, which is this week’s LOUIE!

They’re from France!

RIP: Reg Presley of the Troggs – LOUIE of the Week

Reg Presley, singer with The Troggs, has died at the age of 71. His death came a year after he announced he had lung cancer and retired from the band.

The Troggs’ biggest hit was “Wild Thing,” which many people believe borrowed heavily from LOUIE LOUIE.

The Huffington Post did a nice little write-up: