Burton Cummings (Guess Who) 2011 – LOUIE of Week

Burton Cummings, the original vocalist for the band The Guess Who, recently performed LOUIE LOUIE during his “LIVE from the Your Backyard 2011 Tour.”

Here’s a nice video by Lil Sarafian….. somewhere in the USA!


Jack Ely in Nashville 2011- LOUIE of Week

Jack Ely, the original singer for the Kingsmen‘s LOUIE LOUIE, may be semi-retired from the music biz, but that doesn’t stop him from doing an occasional cameo every now and then.

On July 8th, Jack paid a visit to Nashville, and sat in on a writer’s round with Dawn-joy Thornton, Jeff Cohen, Matt McElravy, Steve […]

Margie (1967 Columbia) – LOUIE of Week

It’s time for another archival version of THE SONG from the 1960s. Here’s a new discovery for me….

Margie was a Columbian rock-pop singer in the 1960’s. She recorded a Spanish version of LOUIE LOUIE known as “Pelirrojo Louie” in 1967 for her album “Cartel de Publicidad,” which was released by Zeida Codiscos Records.


The King Birds (1965 Germany)- LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LouieLouie.net spotlight is on a very rare 1965 performance of The King Birds from Germany. I’m thinking this may be one of the earliest clips of LOUIE LOUIE to emerge from Europe. I’m not sure if this performance was ever broadcast, but it’s certainly very cool and extremely rare.

Even though this […]

No more Amazon links on LouieLouie.net

Last week, with very little notice, Amazon decided it would no longer pay California affiliates that chose to put Amazon links on their websites. The reasoning behind this big change was that the state of California decided it was going to have to charge sales tax for internet sales, and Amazon must have thought extra […]