The Dominoes live in Liverpool – LOUIE of the Week

I’m a little late this week, but here’s this week’s LOUIE of the Week….

Recorded at the world famous Merseycats in Liverpool, The Dominoes are the oldest surviving band from the “MerseyBeat” era celebrating 50 years of Rock n Roll in 2008. Original members Sam Harding and Ken Shalliker are joined by guitarist/vocalist Georhe […]

It’s not LOUIE-specific, but…

On Wednesday, I just finalized a deal for my first-ever VOD digital download. I am pleased to present “ED’S INNER SPACE,” a film I co- produced/ co-directed with my friend Alison Victor, is now available for digital download on

Today, Thursday, May 21…. this film gets mentioned on Oprah! Yes, Oprah…..

As the description […]

Yes, Today is Special!

Four different people that do not know each other sent me some LOUIE information about today- May 19.

So I might as well mention it….

In 1965…In their efforts to determine the true significance of the lyrics to “Louie Louie,” FBI agents visited the offices of Wand Records, who distributed The Kingsmen’s hit record.


The Ventures & the Fabulous Wailers live in 2009 – LOUIE of the Week

I missed the big show with the Ventures and the Fabulous Wailers that took place in Tacoma last month…. the day before International LOUIE LOUIE Day. It’s hard to be everywhere, unfortunately…

Luckily, this performance is being shared as streamed video that you can watch RIGHT NOW!

Go to 6:36 on this clip, and you […]

The Sonics in Long Beach!

Last year, I saw an amazing performance by the Sonics, a band I never expected to see reunite.

It looks like I have another chance to see them again next month…

This Ink-N-Iron Festival sounds like quite a soiree out in Long Beach, CA next month. It’ll be a hodgepodge of tattoos, hot rods, […]

Jack Ely to perform with the Courtmen in August

Last week, AP posted a story about Jack Ely, and the challenges of getting properly compensated for singing on the hit record with the Kingsmen.

I just found the official AP video on that story, so here it is…

For those of you keeping track…there’s another version of the song in this video.


Bruce Springsteen (a few days ago) – LOUIE of the Week

You gotta love any band that takes requests from the audience!

Bruce Springsteen delivered a new version of LOUIE LOUIE in Toronto on May 7, 2009 … because someone in the crowd asked for it!

Here’s an incomplete video of the song, with the currently-best camera angle of this performance…

Here’s what the song […]

Mystery LOUIE #445 – identified as “York & Toonz”- LOUIE of the Week

About a year and a half ago, I posted an entry entitled “KFJC Tomb of the Unknown LOUIEs, part 1.” As part of the team that attempted to properly archive the infamous 1983 Maximum LOUIE LOUIE maratahon that lasted 63 hours, we discovered there was, and still is, a lot of mystery about some […]

Random bits of LOUIE

Today, as I did some Google-surfing to see what papers carried the AP story on Jack Ely and LOUIE LOUIE, I found some interesting sidenotes.

First, a quote that I loved…

“It’s always fun to be up on a stage and make a lot of noise. Listen, I still love Louie, Louie. Here it is […]

The A.P. story on Jack Ely, Louie Louie, and money from music

My sister Ann, who shares a birthday with Jack Ely, was the first one to send me this story as shared by the Baltimore Sun:

Singers tell Congress: Money (That’s What I Want) By Ryan Nakashima | The Associated Press May 4, 2009 . Jack Ely, the singer whose 1963 version of “Louie Louie” still […]