Girth (or Re-Girth) – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE of the WEEK award goes out to GIRTH, not only for their musical performance, but also their wonderful description on YouTube:

The much awaited reunion gig of Girth – known as Re-Girth. Bigger than Zeppelin – especially around the waist, the boys rocked Holland in June 2008.

This is a band […]

Seven Days Til Vegas – Jack Ely & The Courtmen

Seven days from now, Jack Ely, the original vocalist of LOUIE LOUIE with the Kingsmen, will be performing a very special show in Las Vegas, Nevada with The Courtmen, the band he formed after he left the Kingsmen, and was prohibited to use the Kingsmen name. I asked Jack for details about this upcoming […]

The Kids (1980) – LOUIE of the Week

Twenty-nine years ago, before I ever started this LOUIE documentary quest, there was a punk band in Belgium that performed this song. In fact, LOUIE LOUIE was their third 7″ single, released sometime in 1979.

Today, the winner of this week’s LOUIE of the WEEK award is a video by The Kids, live in Belgium […]

RIP: Earl Palmer, legendary drummer

I just found out that drummer Earl Palmer passed away this weekend. There’s a lot of musicians you call a “legend”, but Earl Palmer was of the guys that literally did it all. His list of credits was literally a who’s-who of musical history – Pat Boone, Tom Waits, The Beach Boys, Roy Brown, […]

Music, Empowerment and Liberation

I love hearing stories about music and empowerment. Last weekend, I saw a film that embraced such concepts.

The Singing Revolution is the story of the non-violent path Estonia took to free itself from Soviet occupation. This is a documentary about a little nation that stood up for its freedom using the power of music. […]

Mike Huckabee does LOUIE LOUIE

Not every LOUIE LOUIE video clip embedded at this page is going to get a prestigious LOUIE LOUIE of the WEEK award. Some just get mentioned, and that’s it.

Case in point – former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee did a performance of LOUIE LOUIE with his band Capitol Offense. From what I can tell, I’m […]

Eric Burdon (with Robby Krieger)- LOUIE of the Week

Here’s a nice little nugget featuring two rock and roll legends doing LOUIE LOUIE!

Eric Burdon (of the Animals) performs with Robby Krieger (of the Doors), live at Ventura Beach, California, circa 1990. Big thanks to magusmagic2 for finding this little treat!

This is this week’s LOUIE of the WEEK!


The Decades – Live at Weirdstock – LOUIE of the Week

Weirdstock 3 – August 23. 2008.

I don’t what this was, or where it was, but here’s a video of The Decades performing LOUIE LOUIE at this very special event. They are this week’s recipients of the LOUIE of the WEEK award!

This clip is courtesy of rockrondo with his special SPORADIC ROCK […]

Teenage Death Star – LOUIE of the Week

Teenage Death Star is a band that was formed in Bandung-Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia in 2001. I found this cool video of these guys doing LOUIE LOUIE on YouTube, courtesy of ZekeKhaseli.

I love energetic crowds!

If you go to their official MySpace webpage is at you can read their catchy bio statement: