Follow-up on the big eBay record sale

This week, I’m afraid I won’t be posting a LOUIE of the Week award. Over the weekend, I visited New York, flying from California, shooting video for a new David Bromberg concert video, before returning home very late last night. I had a wonderful time, and am very grateful to my friends for making it […]

Two out of Sixteens do “A Casual Look” in 1998

This week, I’m visiting New York, getting ready for a video shoot on Friday with David Bromberg. Before I left, I decided to post a little clip to YouTube.

As any self-respecting musicologist will tell you, the very first version of LOUIE LOUIE ever recorded by Richard Berry & the Pharaohs, released by Flip Records […]

Thad Hollot – LOUIE of the Week!

Thad Hollot wins this week’s LOUIE of the Week award with his recording of “LOUIE freakin LOUIE.” When you go to his MySpace page, you can hear his version and read these words:

this is just a page i made to let y’all hear a little song that my good friend brad and i […]

The World’s Largest Record Collection?

Thanks to BoingBoing, I found out about an intriguing sale on eBay.

From Thomas Edison to American Idol, this is the complete history of the music that shaped and defined five generations. 3 million records and 300,000 CDs containing more than 6 million song titles. It’s the undisputed largest collection of recorded music […]

Rock music and presidential campaigns

Tom Scholz, leader and primary songwriter for the band Boston, is upset with presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. According to Sholz, Huckabee is using his 1970s smash hit song “More Than a Feeling” as part of his presidential campaign without his permission. Barry Goudreau, a former member of Boston, has appeared with Huckabee at campaign events, […]

The Black Out Kids – LOUIE of the Week!

This week, we’re giving the LOUIE of the Week award to the Black Out Kids, a band from Mc Lean, Virginia, recently discovered at Here’s a partial description of the band from the official website:

The Black Out Band is a musical trio ahead of their time. Hunter, Tug, and Matthew are […]

Matthew Fedak channels the spirit of New Order for LOUIE of Week Award

Matthew Fedak is a student pursuing a Masters degree in Creative Technologies at De Montfort University, Leicester in the UK. On his portfolio page at, one of his projects caught the eye of the LOUIE REPORT:

After being inspired by the motion picture ’24 Hour Party People’ (2002) I developed an interest in […]

Whatever Happened to… the Wonders of Science?

I am having some fun with this blog of mine. I get to write about what I want, and re-connect with old friends. Here’s an email / comment that fell into the E.P. mailbox:

It’s me, Michael Dresbach, formerly of The Wonders of Science and A Cruel Hoax. I came across your blog while […]