Hail Hail Marcel Chouinard!

One of the great highlights of my trek to the Pacific Northwest was a chance to visit with singer Marcel Chouinard in Canada. During the early 1960’s, Marcel was one of earliest performers to perform LOUIE LOUIE on television. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had a regional musical television show entitled “Let’s Go” and Marcel […]

My cruddy cartoons used for another video contest

It was about a month ago that I posted some cartoons I drew for a LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest. As you might have read, the contest deadline was extended until April 11, 2008, allowing folks a better opportunity to create an award-winning entry. I’m hoping to be bombarded with a whole of music videos […]

Support Your Local Record Store

I know that iTunes is the wave of the future for the way most music will be sold in the 21st Century. When James Brown died on Christmas, I certainly couldn’t go to Tower Records to satisfy my urge for hearing “Funky Christmas.” Nobody was open that day, and frankly, I didn’t want to […]

Recap of LOUIE FEST 2007

Has it really been a week since the LOUIE FEST took place? It has been one extremely busy week for yours truly since this event happened. As I type this, I’ve got less than 2 hours before I head off for a one week excursion into the big Burning Man party in the Nevada desert. […]

Preview of Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Cafe

I’m back intact from my week-long trip up in the Pacific Northwest. I really had a fantastic time up there this time. The LOUIE FEST was a lot of fun, and I’m very grateful to have so many good friends that made it such an enjoyable time.

One of the last things I decided to […]

NW Road Trip almost over…

It’s been a whirlwind of activity for yours truly, and when I have a chance to do a decent write-up, I’ll try to write up something about LOUIEFEST 2007, Marcel Chouinard, Barry Curtis & Daily Flash, the amazing Jeff Miller of Wiley’s Golden Oldies, and Mark Lindsay‘s new restaurant in Portland. It does take time […]

Still recovering from LOUIE FEST…

So I’m sitting in a cafe across from one of my favorite newsstands in the universe, the Bulldog Newsstand in the U-District of Seattle, checking in on the emails I’ve been ignoring for the past 40 hours. It’s been a whirlwind of activity for me up in the Northwest after the big LOUIEFEST. Yesterday, I […]

RIP: Mark Marush, saxophonist for Wailers

I’m exhausted from two days of the LOUIE FEST. I met a lot of old friends, and new friends, including many I’ve first met via the web. When I get more time, I’ll be posting more photos, and possibly even some video links.

The sad news of the event was hearing that Mark Marush, […]

LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest – extended until April

After some careful deliberation with my friends at LOUIE FEST, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for the LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest to April 11- International LOUIE LOUIE Day. So if you had a brilliant idea for a LOUIE LOUIE music video, but had no time to create it for this contest, now you’ve got […]

LOUIE FEST 2007- 1 day gone, 1 day left

Saturday was a great day to see old friends, and meet new ones. It was a cozy event, but as someone described it…. “we had clouds, not crowds!” Unfortunately, right in the middle of the day, a nasty thunderstorm broke loose, and the event was radically changed by an outburst of rain. After waiting out […]