RIP: Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco music promoter

The LOUIE REPORT just lost another great ally. Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco’s own “pope of punk” has passed away. Apparently, he died in his sleep Sunday night/Monday morning.

Dirk was the most influential music promoter during the heyday of punk rock in San Francisco. In 1976, Dirk began booking punk and new music shows […]

This Friday- Rock and Roll Lawyer radio show

This Friday, I’m going to be a guest on a special Rock and Roll Lawyer radio show that’s being broadcast from WPON-AM 1460 in Detroit, Michigan. It’s going to be a one hour show all about the legal aspects of the song LOUIE LOUIE, featuring myself, Eric Predoehl, producer-director of the upcoming MEANING OF LOUIE […]