Cigarboxes, hard drives, and other challenges of media management

I cannot count how many times I’ve heard the phrase “Eric, you’re going to have to finish that LOUIE LOUIE film.” Frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing this, and if all the people that made those comments would have actually made a contribution to the cause, then perhaps I would have finished this project many […]

More on Dirk Dirksen

Here’s details on the official Dirk Dirksen memorial:

Dirk Dirksen, the beloved and often despised “Pope of Punk” requests, no, DEMANDS, your attendance at his memorial Saturday December 2, 2006 at 11am -1pm

All friends, fiends and family are invited (required) to attend a non-denominational, non-traditional, non-conformist, well a, non-normal memorial to our mentor […]

RIP: Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco music promoter

The LOUIE REPORT just lost another great ally. Dirk Dirksen, San Francisco’s own “pope of punk” has passed away. Apparently, he died in his sleep Sunday night/Monday morning.

Dirk was the most influential music promoter during the heyday of punk rock in San Francisco. In 1976, Dirk began booking punk and new music shows […]

This Friday- Rock and Roll Lawyer radio show

This Friday, I’m going to be a guest on a special Rock and Roll Lawyer radio show that’s being broadcast from WPON-AM 1460 in Detroit, Michigan. It’s going to be a one hour show all about the legal aspects of the song LOUIE LOUIE, featuring myself, Eric Predoehl, producer-director of the upcoming MEANING OF LOUIE […]

Demi Moore does indeed sing LOUIE LOUIE for Bobby

Courtesy of Krista, a link from

Demi Moore sings a version of the Richard Berry classic, “Louie Louie,” in former flame Emilio Estevez‘s highly anticipated political drama, “Bobby.” Not known for her vocal abilities, listening to her sing this track might surprise you. And yes, TMZ has confirmed, it’s really Demi singing. Cool!


The CHEWY LOUIE dog bones

Dave Marsh just sent me a package of CHEWY LOUIE dog bones, which is a very cool product with a cool name.

Here’s a photo of the product, accompanied by the amazing Bubba, a fox terrorist terrier that I live with. So far, I haven’t opened the package yet, so Bubba is actually demonstrating […]

Dave Alvin and the Legacy of California Music

Dave Alvin has always been one of those guys that recognized the essence of “roots.” His music, both solo and collaborative, be it with The Blasters, the Pleasure Barons, the Knitters, and the various other musicians he’s worked with over the years, was always one that recognized the legacy of rich traditions associated with […]

Random thoughts, or Dead Man Playing

There’s a saying that if you live every day as if it were your last, then eventually you will actually be proven correct. There is no permanence in life, as every living creature is merely a temporary vessel on this great planet Earth.

Yesterday was one of those days where I reflected on the […]