Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Politics of Hysteria

I’m trying to avoid the subject of politics at the LOUIE REPORT blog, but it’s not easy. Not every LOUIE enthusiast shares my views on politics, and I’m trying to use this webpage as a tool to unify the LOUIE community, rather than alienate.

Nonetheless, if it weren’t for certain political actions that happened in […]

Coming soon…. the NEW Comets DVD!

I recently completed one of the coolest video jobs I’ve had the privilege to work on. I just produced and directed a music concert DVD of the one of the true pioneers in the world of rock ‘n’ roll- Bill Haley’s Original Comets.

Even though Bill Haley died in 1981, his original bandmates are […]

Email Nonsense to

As the number one source on the internet for all things “LOUIE LOUIE” (according to Google, Yahoo, various other search engines), I do tend to become the “net” for all sorts of emails with a variety of different LOUIE stories, some of which are even accurate.

Here’s an email that definitely doesn’t fall in that […]

Remembering Syd Barrett

This week, we lost Syd Barrett, founder of the band Pink Floyd. Early news reports mentioned that his death was due to cancer, while others mention diabetes as a leading cause. All I know for certain is that Syd checked out a long time ago, retreating from the public eye to deal with his […]

Teenage Music International does LOUIE!

Here’s another fun LOUIE LOUIE performance from YouTube. It’s described as:

“Short part of the performance of Germany´s Soul-Beat hipsters Teenage Music International on tour in Italy.”

Iggy Pop on French TV

It’s always a pleasure to find a version of LOUIE LOUIE by Iggy Pop. Here’s a version from French TV, courtesy of I have no idea what date this aired, what channel, but I’m guessing it occurred sometime around the American Caesar album.