MayDay LOUIE special on Utah radio

On Monday, May 1st, Utah disc jockey The Big Baboo (a.k.a., Paul Malluk, humble host of The Big Baboo’s Rock ‘n Roll Nostalgia Show, will be presenting his Second LOUIE LOUIE Marathon. For two hours, The Big Baboo will be playing nothing but LOUIE LOUIE as part of a Spring Radiothon to raise money and […]

Another really bad law for the music industry

I don’t normally post any political news on the LOUIE Report, but this is something directly related to the music industry- a bipartisan piece of garbage that deserves to exposed. According to articles in Washington Post and at the Electronic Freedom Foundation, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and majority leader Bill Frist, […]

A Zen LOUIE moment

My pal Andy Martello wrote about a LOUIE LOUIE experience on his Tales from AndyLand Blog:

This really only applies to people like me and thankfully, there are precious few of us.

If while in your car, you are listening to an mp3 disc filled with versions of LOUIE LOUIE (about 233 of them to […] seeks old movies!

Production on the LOUIE LOUIE documentary continues at a steady pace. It takes a long time to transfer all the footage I’ve shot over the years… in all types of video formats. When I first started production on what would became the intitial starting point for this documentary, I shot footage of Richard Berry, Jack […]

Dave Barry has good taste in funeral music

Noted columnist and Rock Bottom Remainder guitarist Dave Barry was interviewed this month by Patrick S. Pemberton of Knight Ridder Newspapers. Here’s a little quote that caught my attention:

Q: I read that you want to have “Louie Louie” played at your funeral.

A: Yeah, I would like to have a fun funeral. I can […]

LOUIE LOUIE performed with bottles

Here’s a goofy video of LOUIE LOUIE, performed by some guys using bottles as an instrument. The video looks a bit green, as it was probably shot under flourescent lights, but it’s not a bad version….

Happy Day- Iggy Pop and Stretch Riedle!

OK, if either one of you two guy want to spend all day lounging around in your birthday suit, I guess it’s OK….

Original Blues Brother to Undergo Cancer Therapy

A long time ago, John Belushi was in Eugene, Oregon, working on a movie that would be a smash hit. Actually, it was more than just a “smash hit.” It was the most successful comedy motion picture, according to the box office returns. This movie was “Animal House,” which re-introduced the song LOUIE LOUIE to […]

More April Connections- Three Heroes of LOUIE

In the posting before last, I mentioned some factoids connected to the month of April. Here’s some special April days I’d like to add to the list.

Today, Thursday, April 13 is the big birthday for Dick Peterson, vocalist & drummer for the Kingsmen. April 13 is also the birthday for Duane Eddy, Jack Casady […]

Yes, Today is LOUIE LOUIE Day!

Today is a day for celebration! Put on your favorite toga! Warm up your kazoo! Bang your drum! Shake up your daily routine and dance like you’ve never danced before! Grab your woman!

It’s LOUIE LOUIE time!

That’s right- April 11 is International LOUIE LOUIE Day, and I’m not the only one that says […]