Maximum GHOST RIDERS (the 2005 post)

Phil Dirt, one of the folks behind the legendary “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” KFJC marathon of 1983, who was thought to be retiring from KFJC is helping out with another crazy KFJC marathon that’s happening this Saturday.

I quote the man himself:

KFJC’s Austin Space space is doing his annual “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” special […]

Archival TV commercial with Paul Revere & Raiders

With a tip of the hat to the folks at BoingBoing, I stumbled upon an old TV commercial featuring Paul Revere & Raiders and the Raiders at the Bedazzled website.

Which leads me to ask once again….. why the heck aren’t these guys in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame yet? They had […]

LOUIE LOUIE and Surf Music

Last week, I picked up a wonderful publication entitled “Dumb Angel Gazette#4- All Summer Long” published by Neptune’s Kingdom Press. Like previous issues of the Dumb Gazzette, this is a wonderful celebration of Los Angeles surf music, written mostly by Domenic Priore, who’s best known for an extensive documentation of SMILE, the once-lost album […]

Portland Opens It’s Doors to Displaced New Orleans Musicians

The city of Portland, Oregon demonstrates the type of charity that makes me very, very proud of my Northwest neighbors:

As part of our nation’s concern for the recent catastrophes along the southern gulf ports in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, we are very concerned for our extended jazz family and the history of Jazz as […]

A Corporate LOUIE LOUIE music video

My friend Jim Snow of Unique Media just told me about a recently-discovered LOUIE LOUIE music video produced by Rhea Communications of San Jose, California. So as you go the official website at, you can go to the “demo showcase.” Right dab in the middle of the nine video clips is something called “corporate […]

Still Buzzin’ from Bluegrass….

Four days after the fact, and my head is still buzzing from the aftermath of a truly great musical event.

The Hardly Strictly Bluesgrass 5 festival of San Francisco was a calvalacade of truly great American folk, country, blues, swing, rockabilly, and especially bluegrass musical that has left me with the best possible feeling one […]

Final Cut Pro Lessons from a Master

Final Cut Pro is one of the great tools for the independent film and video producers. It’s my editing tool of choice for working on this epic documentary of mine, as well as my regular work in television production.

I’ve known my pal Kevin Monahan quite a few years. He’s an alumni from KFJC radio, […]

Let’s Get Chet Helms into the Rock Hall of Fame!

In a perfect world according to yours truly, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would have already inducted Richard Berry, the Kingsmen, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the (original) Wailers, the Sonics, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, MC5, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Dale Hawkins, the Ventures, and Davie Allan & the Arrows into this excusive […]