Jack Ely to perform with the Courtmen in August

Last week, AP posted a story about Jack Ely, and the challenges of getting properly compensated for singing on the hit record with the Kingsmen. I just found the official AP video on that story, so here it is… For those of you keeping track…there’s another version of the song in this video. The big […]

Vegas Report for Jack Ely & the Courtmen

I missed the big show in Las Vegas last week, but here’s a report of the latest reunion with Jack Ely & the Courtmen. Here’s a few words from the man himself: This was the quintessential “geezers night out.” Jack Ely and The Courtmen, revived after 42 years, was having a ball. It was great […]

Jack Ely of Kingsmen enters Hall of Fame (?)

I love my spies. Today, my pal Pamela Meyer, who runs Alchemy Jewelry of Brooklyn, sent me an article from the Chicago Tribune about the topic of mangled lyrics. Here’s a few excerpts that seemed LOUIE-worthy: On the few occasions when I’ve checked, a song’s actual lyrics turn out to be less interesting that my […]

Rare photos of Jack Ely & Courtmen

Here’s a little test… See how many differences you see between the photo on the right and the photo on the left? OK, here’s another set of images. How many differences did you see this time? Both of these sets are near-identical photographs of Jack Ely & the Courtmen, the group created by the original […]