LOUIE Project Update / LOUIE on TV – part 1

It’s January 2019, and the mountain of LOUIE material continues to grow even taller at LOUIE Central.

Big thanks to everyone that donated various LOUIE-centric items for what is likely the world’s largest collection of LOUIE LOUIE-related material.

Big thanks, in no particular order, to:

– Neal Pargman of Save the Earth Foundation
– Jeff Miller of Golden Oldies, Tacoma
– Steve of Rocket Records, Tacoma
– Robert Mackie of Natalis Group LLC
– Dennis Flannigan
– Mel Cheplowitz of KALX, Shredding Paper
– Doc Pelzel of KFJC
– Ed Nadorozny
– Thomas Robinson of Historic Photo Archive, Portland, OR
– Mike Hintze
– Clay Stabler
– Andy Martello
– Gerry Fialka & Suzie Williams
– Neal Skok
– Marc Bristol of Blue Suede News
– Ron Fowler
– Clark Besch
– Theo de Grood
– Buck Munger (RIP)
– associate producer David Jack Jester
– Paul Korntheuer
– Will Higgins

This is an incomplete list of generous people that donated items in the past few years.

I know there’s more people I should definitely add to that list. Feel free to drop me a reminder, as the memory banks are often overwhelmed.

A few weeks ago, my good friend Stretch Riedle donated his LOUIE LOUIE VHS collection, which is a massive collection of TV shows, archival concerts, and odd little LOUIE LOUIE moments. I’m guessing it’s at least about 50-60 pounds worth of videotape.

Even though we regularly compare notes, and see some great concerts over the years (including that Patti Smith show in Santa Cruz a few weeks ago – INCREDIBLE!!), I’m surprised to find some LOUIE items I didn’t know about.

With this in mind, I plan to unravel and decipher some of this material with a new set of “LOUIE on TV” notes which I’ll be sharing on this website.

Before I get started on this task, I think I’ll start off by acknowledging some the more recent LOUIE-centric TV moments that aren’t part of this collection.

Here’s a couple of those TV moments I caught over the holidays…

Springsteen at Broadway (Netflix) is a wonderful video representation of a concert residency by Bruce Springsteen at the Walter Kerr Theatre (NYC) that lasted from October 3, 2017 until December 15, 2018. The show is a reenactment of his 2016 autobiography, which features some stripped-down performances of his songs performed solo, which in ways, often feel more powerful than the original studio recordings.

And yes, there is a special moment in this performance one could call a “re-affirmation of LOUIE,” but I’ll avoid specific details, as I don’t want to be the spoiler of such things. I’ll just mention that somewhere around one hour and twenty-some minutes, Bruce acknowledges a higher power of LOUIE, or something like that. Highly recommended.

John Prine on Austin City Limits (PBS), was another fine concert shared via the powers of television. I think it was first aired sometime in October 2018, but I didn’t see it until December. (Gotta love those Tivo gizmos!) His LOUIE reference took place during his performance of “Lake Marie,” which may or may not appear at the 41:10 mark, depending on the timing of your local PBS pledge drives, which of course, I fully support.

After that, I’ll mention a few vintage TV shows that feature LOUIE. Before I inherited Stretch’s serious collection of VHS tapes, I had already been tracking down upgraded copies of the old TV shows that featured LOUIE LOUIE, acquiring DVD reissues of these older TV shows whenever possible.

Here’s a few of those shows…

The A-team (NBC)

Season 5/episode 5 /1986-10-24 
“The Theory Of Revolution”

This features a recording of LL by an unnamed band that tried to replicate Jack Ely’s vocals with the Kingmen, shared 3 times.
#1 – 00:11 opening of show w/ close-ups of record player + volleyball

#2 – 06:14 A-Team assembles weapons for their next strategy

#3 – 44:31 closing of show w/ close-up of collected weapons + volleyball

UPDATE: I have reason to believe the original broadcast of this show may have used the original Kingsmen recording, but without a copy of the broadcast, I’ll just leave this note here…

There were two episodes of China Beach (ABC)
 that featured LOUIE LOUIE.
Season 2/episode 5 / 1989-01-04 
”Women in White”

29:55 – Julie London LL recording played as Colleen McMurphy (Dana Delany) walks through military camp bar.

Season 3/episode 15 / 1990-02-07 
”A Rumor of Peace”

08:11 – Kingsmen LL re-recording (with Dick Peterson vocals) is broadcast over pirate radio by disc jockey Pvt. Samuel Beckett (Michael Boatman), who introduces the song with this statement – “Remember everything you hear tonight is not real, but an incredible simulation, including me – Doctor Dark.”

UPDATE: Thanks to a VHS tape shared by an associate, I learned the original TV broadcast used the original Kingsmen recording with the Jack Ely vocals.

I’m guessing the price of re-licensing this recording for the DVD release was more than the producers wanted to spend.

Full House (ABC)

Season 7/episode 3 / 1993-09-28 
“Wrong-Way Tanner”

00:03 – This is a unique performance by the actors on this show – Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier) sing “LOUIE LOUIE” with their kids Nicky (Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit) and (Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit), who I borrowed for the title graphic this week.

We’ll sharing some more of these TV moments next week.

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