Maximum GHOST RIDERS, aka “you can’t get rid of Phil Dirt that easily…”

Phil Dirt, one of the folks behind the legendary “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” KFJC marathon of 1983, who was thought to be retiring from KFJC is helping out with another crazy KFJC marathon that’s happening this Saturday.

I quote the man himself:

KFJC’s Austin Space space is doing his annual “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” special this Saturday 6 pm to 12 midinght. One again, I have been asked to sit in, and so it will be.

Much like “Louie Louie,” Stan Jones’ cowboy epic “(Ghost) Riders in the Sky” has been recorded in amny styles and with varying success. Mr. Space has been coolecting ghosties for a long time, and with close to a thousand, there are plenty of off-beat and curious versions to be heard, as well as tried and true clasics, plus the original and more.

It’s always fun, never tedious, and full of surprises. Imagine Tom Jones and hip hop coexisting.

Will 6 hours be sufficient? Considering all the versions of the song that exist , I’m thinking 12 hours is more like it.

Check it out- Saturday, October 28th, 6 pm-12 am, California time.

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