Mike Huckabee does LOUIE LOUIE

Not every LOUIE LOUIE video clip embedded at this page is going to get a prestigious LOUIE LOUIE of the WEEK award. Some just get mentioned, and that’s it.

Case in point – former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee did a performance of LOUIE LOUIE with his band Capitol Offense. From what I can tell, I’m guessing this was from a performance at a HuckPAC party on September 3, 2008. around the time of the Republican Convention in St. Paul.

The band also does song called “McCain,” which is a re-write of the J.J. Cale song “Cocaine.”

As President Bill Clinton performed LOUIE LOUIE in December 2000 at Dover High School, Dover, New Hampshire, this would mark the second time a politician from Hope, Arkansas performed the song.

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