Rare Beat Farmers videos!

While the world mourns the loss of Buddy Blue, founding member of the Beat Farmers, some folks are digging up some vintage videos to celebrate the legacy of these rockin’ hedonists. Here’s a video clip of “Happy Boy!”

Here’s another one. Click here to watch “Baby’s Liquored Up!

WARNING: the Beat Farmers ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! These videos are probably NOT suitable for all audiences. Some people may consider their material without “socially redeeming values.” These guys were nuts! They were also very funny…

You may need broadband to watch these….

3 comments to Rare Beat Farmers videos!

  • Brian

    Classic Beat Farmers, thanks for sharing this! Buddy Blue will be missed!

  • jeff

    How can i get my hands on that happy boy video? thanks jeff

  • EP

    How can you get your hands on this video? Just watch it on YouTube.com. If you would like to download it, and have a Mac, I’ve details at another posting on the LOUIE REPORT… otherwise just use KeepVid.com, and get a good FLV player/converter.

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