LouieLouie.net is now FEELINGS!

Trying to forget these feelings of love

OK, enough of this LOUIE LOUIE stuff.

“FEELINGS,” the brilliant song by Morris Albert shall now be the main focus for this website.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget my feelings of love
Teardrops rolling down on my face
Trying to forget my feelings of love

The song “FEELINGS” was written by Morris Albert of Brazil, whose full name was Morris Albert Kaiserman. Albert originally recorded this song as a Portuguese-language bolero, which became a major hit in latin America in 1975. In 1973, at a time when many Brazilian artists were using anglicised names in attempts to break into the US market, he released his first album, which featured “Feelings”, the song that would eventually bring him worldwide success.

The international release of “FEELINGS” sold over 300.000 copies and reached number 45 on the Billboard Magazine list of top 100 singles in 1975. “FEELINGS” was also recorded and performed by many other artists, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan and Johnny Mathis.

American punk rock band The Offspring recorded their own version of “FEELINGS” for their 1998 album Americana. Their version featured different lyrics, changing the meaning of the song, from love to hate.

In 1988, French songwriter Louis Gaste sued Albert claiming plagiarism of his song “Pour Toi”. Gaste won the lawsuit and was awarded 88% of the royalties generated by the song.

The song made headlines in 1999 when an Indonesian army leader sang it at a formal dinner to describe his position on the unrest in East Timor (a former Portuguese colony that was annexed by Indonesia in 1976. After a quarter century of unrest, East Timor became independent in 2002).

Morris Albert now lives in Italy with his family and still performs around the world.

The new website shall be Feelings-Nothing-More.com

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4 comments to LouieLouie.net is now FEELINGS!

  • Donrad

    Feelings is ok, but I think a Lionel Ritchie song would have been better, or possibly a Carpenters song…. maybe something like “We’ve Only Just Begun”

  • Deanna

    Looking for a CD with Feelings on it. Itwas a favorite of my husband’s who passed away 2 years ago. Any suggestions on how I can find it?

  • EP

    I’m glad this music brought you and your husband great joy. That’s what music is all about- enjoying life!

    I created a FEELINGS spoof at LouieLouie, that made fun of FEELINGS, but that shouldn’t distract you from you enjoying this music. It really doesn’t matter what I think of the song, or anyone else for that matter, as long as this music makes YOU happy. Just like LOUIE LOUIE. Some folks think it’s the worst song ever written, while others believe it’s the best song ever written. Who cares?? Music is such a personal matter, Enjoy what you like……

    On the bottom of the sidebar of the LOUIE REPORT blog, you should be able to find a link to order a CD from either Amazon or CD Land. You should be able to type the name of the song, and find a CD… any CD that features this song.

    Good luck!


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