The FBI Investigation Revisted….

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The FBI investigation of LOUIE LOUIE has received a lot of extra attention this week with the recent Smithsonian article on the subject, as summarized by Daily Caller:

What you may not know is that person responsible for setting off the investigation — which, amazingly, lasted two long years — appears to have been a teacher at Sarasota Junior High School in Florida.

The Smithsonian magazine’s website has the story.

The irate teacher, whose name is frustratingly redacted throughout 119 pages of material at the FBI’s archival website, wrote to then-U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1964 claiming with certainty that the spectacularly indecipherable lyrics of “Louie Louie” were obscene.

“Who do you turn to when your teen age daughter buys and bring home pornographic or obscene materials being sold along with objects directed and aimed at the teenage market in every City, Village and Record shop in this Nation?” the teacher asks.
“We all know there is obscene materials available for those who seek it, but when they start sneaking in this material in the guise of the latest teen age rock & roll hit record these morons have gone too far.”

The letter ends with this quadruple-question-marked plea: “How can we stamp out this menace? ? ? ?”

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