Odd Man Out / Ray Stevens II – LOUIE of the Month

Today, we’re going to shine the LOUIE spotlight at San Jose music legend, and longtime associate Ray Stevens II. Ray’s been in a bunch of fun punk/rock bands – Los Olvidados, The Faction, Drunk Injuns, and Clay Wheels, among others, and today we’re going to share a very special clip of him with one of those bands, playing that special song we’re quite fond of on this website..

The band was Odd Man Out, and this was a performance at the very first LOUIE LOUIE parade of San Francisco, which took place on May 2, 1988, captured for posterity by yours truly. The band consisted of Ray Stevens on bass, Steve Caballero on guitar, Marc Gonzales on drums, Chris Cisper on vocals and Karen Heimgartner on keyboards.

Sadly, this week, Ray is in the hospital, fighting off Covid-19. We’re all wishing Ray a very speedy recovery.

As Ray has also been dealing with some other health issues, a special GoFund account has been created to help him and his wife deal with these illnesses and the incidental costs associated with his recovery.

If you’re here, you know Ray or he has touched your life in one way or another, through his music (Los Olvidados, The Faction, Drunk Injuns, Clay Wheels, and others), DJ-ing, skating and traveling, or just by being the legendary guy who he is. Ray is currently in the Stanford ICU, on oxygen, and battling Covid. For those who know him, he’s had a few medical battles over the last year or two. Although he has insurance, there are going to be huge bills to pay and tons of incidental costs associated with his recovery. Anything you can contribute will help, and please send your prayers and positive vibes and leave him a message here if you want. We will be adding updates as we get new information. We are all wishing him and his wife Kim the best as they cope with this latest setback.

E.P. with associate producer J.B. of LouieLouie.net

UPDATE: Ray was released from hospital and is recuperating nicely at his home!

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