LOUIE on TV – part 5 (Women of LL)

It’s time for Part 5 of the “LOUIE on TV” posts, which by an unplanned coincidence, feature TV shows where women are the lead characters.

We’ll start with the most recent TV clip, which my friend Krista Wood alerted me to..

SMILF (Showtime)
Season 1 / episode 8 / December 31, 2017
“Mark’s Lunch & Two Cups of Coffee”

Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) meets up with a man on Tinder who she believed to be her estranged father, who turns to be someone else. Afterwards Bridgette meets up with her mom Tutu (Rosie O’Donnell), then some friends at a bar, and they all drink ‘n’ dance to the sounds of Julie London singing LOUIE LOUIE somewhere around the 27:30 timeline.

Grace Under Fire (ABC)
Season 2 / episode 20 / 1995-03-14

“A Night at the Opera ” 

(no actual LOUIE performance)

Grace (Brett Butler), a fan of opera, wins two tickets to an opera performance, but can’t find anyone to join her for this show. When she arrives at the opera, she meets a handsome Italian man (David Dundara) without a ticket, gives him the ticket and they both have a wonderful time. As Grace discusses how she doesn’t need understand Italian to appreciate opera, she adds “I like Louie Louie and I don’t understand it.” (18:28)

Both of those two clips can be seen via Amazon Prime.

The third clip is not available through official outlets but someone posted the entire episode on YouTube, which I’ve included in this post.

My Sister Sam (CBS)
Season 1 / episode 11 / 1987-01-12
“Club Dread”

While Patti (Rebecca Schaeffer) prepares for a night out at 60s-theme school dance, she discloses her phobias about dancing in public with her sister Sam (Pam Dawber). When they arrive at the dance, we immediately hear Jack Ely (former Kingsmen singer)’s re-recording of LOUIE LOUIE, which is very similar to the original 1963 Kingsmen recording. (14:50 to 18:13).


Big thanks to my friend Clay Stabler for the research support on these clips.

Reference Links:
SMILF on Tunefind.com
Grace Under Fire at Wikipedia
My Sister Sam on TVGuide.com

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