Covid-19 Confinement LOUIEs of April -May 2020

As the world deals with this awful Covid-19 virus and lockdown, more musicians are exploring the idea of collaborating remotely to create new music.

We are tickled to see some rather brilliant new collaborative confinement LOUIE LOUIE recordings created during this special moment in history.

The first collaborative LOUIE LOUIE came from Les Amis Réunis (which I believe translates to “Friends Reunited”) of France on April 30, 2020:

Louie louie défi confinement les Amis Réunis

Google language tools translated the original French YouTube description to English:

This montage was born during the confinement on an idea of the music chief “of the association the friends reunited” who proposed to the members to film themselves while playing their part with a soundtrack witness.
The choice of the song was voted to humanity by the musicians and it was the title “Louie Louie” which won the vote with 8 Voices.
Each musician therefore sent his recording of the song and it is thanks to these recordings and a few hours of audio and video editing work that we present our “confinement challenge.”

The second video, courtesy of Orchestre d’Harmonie de La Clusaz (translated as “La Clusaz Concert Band,” also from France, was shared on May 1, 2020:

L’Harmonie de La Clusaz confinée

…. with yet another Google Language Tools translation:

Lionel had dreamed of it for several weeks and the musicians realized it:
Here is our confined piece!
Bravo to all the musicians, the rehearsal work continues at home!
#restezzzz #confinement #playathome #laclusaz
🎵 Louie, Louie 🎵
Arranged by Michael Sweeney

The third LOUIE COVID containment video came from Band of Olingen and Mensdorf, who I believe are from Luxembourg. This one was shared on May 15, 2020

Louie, Louie performed by the Band of Olingen and Mensdorf (from Home)

The YouTube description was in English:

Louie, Louie performed by the Band of Olingen and Mensdorf (from Home)
Members of the band of Mensdorf and Olingen are playing Louie, Louie for you.
Take care of you and enjoy
Audio and video produced by Tim Kleren

BRAVO to every person that participated in these wonderful performances!

Big thanks once again to our pal Clay Stabler for spotting these treasures!

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