Casey’s One Man Rock Band – LOUIE of Week

Casey's One Man Band

This week’s LOUIE is by Casey Redmond, and his one-man band.

Looking at his official website, he sounds like the kinda guy I would probably get along quite well with…

Casey Redmond is an Ohio singer/songwriter/musician and radio host. In his youth, he attended various Catholic schools resulting in a life-long fear of neckties, standing in line single file and women named “Sister”. His music runs the gamut from folk to blues to rockabilly, surf, rock n roll and spoken word. He has written tunes on a wide variety of subjects including beer, beaches, werewolves, sharks, bars, drunken PTA meetings, Catholic schools, Halloween, witches, babyboomers, gnomes, the FBI, leisure, middle aged white people and sloth.

He has released dozens of songs on his own Iaintgotno record label under his own name, as well as, “The Shark City Beer Guzzlers “… “The North Pole Chimney Shakers”, “The Moonville Tunnel Beer Drinkers Association” “Casey’s One Man Rock N Roll Band”and “The Ohio Melonhead Eradicatlion Society”. Most of these efforts can be heard on Youtube and are available for download wherever digital music is sold. Casey performs at various street fairs, ba festivals and farmers markets, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and harmonica, playing a mix of classic pop, folk, blues and rock n roll. He is also host of Casey’s Musical Dustbin, a radio show featuring vintage rockabilly, r&b, surf, blues and rock n roll tunes from his personal music collection. The show can be heard on WJZF in Standish, Maine. In his spare time, Casey enjoys indulging in activities that were forbidden in his youth such as; loafing, slouching and milling around.

Go visit Casey over at:

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