The Search

Creating a film requires a multi-layered myriad of resources. As any one who has ever followed the background of “LOUIE LOUIE” could tell you, the stories, the events and phenomenon surrounding this song encompasses a vast territory. This on-line publication represents a small fraction of the information that we have obtained pertaining to this musical icon. The ultimate goal is the completion of the feature film documentary entitled “THE MEANING OF LOUIE.” With the help of authoritative & celebrity testimonials, music history archivists, dedicated information gatherers and generous financial donors, this film shall reach the vast audience that it deserves.

In terms of specific information, I am looking for any

*newspaper clipping,
*magazine article or
*film/video spots dealing with:

*Richard Berry,
*Hunter Hancock- Los Angeles disc jockey,
*Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg- Boston disc jockey,
*Jesse Belvin,
*The Kingsmen,
*Jack Ely,
*Paul Revere & the Raiders,
*Rockin Robin Roberts & the Wailers ,
*The Dave Lewis Combo,
*Little Bill & the BlueNotes,
*Ron Holden & The Playboys,
*The Sonics,
*The Frantics,
*The Royal Notes,

*The Los Angeles Rhythm & Blues Scene of 1950’s,
*The Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim,

* Early 1960’s Dance Halls in the Pacific Northwest,

*The FBI/FCC investigations,
*The Indiana censorship efforts,

*Advertisements for “Sunn” brand amplifiers,

*The Washington or Oregon resolutions (including political buttons, etc.),
*Any local coverage of LOUIE LOUIE parades and
*ANY other material that deals with the song.

*More recordings of LOUIE LOUIE!

Send an email to the administrator of this website.

Or just mail a package to…

Attn: LOUIE LOUIE search
PO Box 2430
Santa Clara, CA 95055-2430

I will try to make it worth your while.