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December 2004 (State of the Film, Arnie Ginsburg, Ian Lloyd of Stories, More Ace Records compilations, Clash London Calling 25th Edition package, Sirius Satellite Radio, Dave Marsh, Little Steven Van Zandt, Mojo Nixon, Hunter Hancock, Johnny Flamingo, Greg Shaw, Cookie Holley, Bill Liebowitz)

July 2004 (State of the Film, 1000 Guitars, Wailers, John Kerry, The Long-awaited Richard Berry Flip Compilation, Essential LOUIE tracks, Cigarettes and Coffee Soundtrack, Little Steven Van Zandt Underground Garage, Todd Snider, Euphoria’s ID, Am I Right? (dot) com, The Cowbell Project, Taboo Tunes- the Book, Nervous Norvus, LOUIE LOUIE Day, Other Documentaries)

August 2003 (State of the Film, 1000 Guitars, Wailers, EP MoneyTrain, Rene’ Touzet, Barry White, Kenny Sinclair, Have Love Will Travel, Mojo Jukebox, Circle of Friends, Kingsmen, Courtmen, Holiday Band, Songs Stuck in Head, Zappa sculpture, KFJC Marathon restoration, EP Rants)

Februrary 2003 (The website, production update, Rich Dangel tribute concert, LOUIE trivia contest, Paul Revere’s Raiders + dog named LOUIE, more Zappa LOUIE, Cuban spottings, Jaime Kibben, Paul Sfalanga)

December 2002- part 3 (Rich Dangel, Joe Strummer, LOUIE Production, Love That LOUIE, LOUIE Marathons)

December 2002- part 4 (Kingsmen on TV, Box Set & Rockabilly Collection, Jonathon Brandmeier, Kurt Cobain, Joy Division, Love & Rockets- the comic book, Rhythm & Blues- the band, Abba, a dog named LOUIE LOUIE, Russian Wild Thing)

December 2002- part 5 (Memories of Rockin’ Robin, Seaside with the Wailers)

July 2002- part 1 (Octalouie, Godoy Colbert, Arthur Lee Maye, Love That LOUIE, Wailers, Little Steven, Ross Wilson, OBK, Shock the LOUIE, John Entwistle, and more)

July 2002- part 2 (Letters to LOUIE)

September 2001- part 1 (sadness, Octalouie team)

September 2001- part 2 (lotsa books, CDs, radio, tv shows)

September 2001- part 3 (top 11 Louies of 2001)

September 2001- part 4 (obituaries -Pat Mason, Smitty, Johnny Flamingo, Ed Wells, more..)

January 2001 (Ace buys Flip, Julie London, Rice Univ, Cab Como, GUI Louie, more…)

September 2000 (Cub Koda, EMP- Seattle, Evergreen, Pharaoh Pharaoh, Jefferson High, more..)

June 2000 (pre-EMP, commercials, Golden Crest, recording industry, letters, more..)

February 2000 (Los Angeles Music, more deaths, Kingsmen page, Hey Joe, letters, more…)

November 1999 (Seaside reunion, Kingsmen, more..)

August 1999 (EMI buys Windswept, Jack Ely, lotsa reissues, Las Vegas Grind)

June 1999 (Don Julian, Rhino, Louie awards, Futurama, LL Yacht Club, letters, more…)

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Pre-LouieLouie.Net online LOUIE REPORTS (temporarily off-line)

December 1998 (Sweetwater, Top Ten, more..)

November 1998 (Kingsmen & Supreme Court, Gary Paxton, Wailers, more..)

October 1998 (NXNW Louie panel, Robin Roberts, That’s Cool- That’s Trash award)

July 1998 (state of the film/internet, road trips, Big Sandy’s tribute, more…)

April 1998 (Kingsmen’s victory, Robin & Wailers, more…)

March 1998 (Rockin Robin tribute, Sixteens, letters, more..)

January 1998 (Joe Johanson, Robert Palmer, Luther Allison)

Decmber 1997 (Raiders reunion, Matthew Welsh, Pharaoh Pharaoh, jukebox bank, letters, more..)

September 1997 (Spanish Louie compilation, pre-EMP, My Best Friend’s Wedding, letters, more.)

July 1997 (remembering Richard Berry, questionaires, letters, more…)

January 1997 (the death of Richard Berry, letters, more…)

Memory of a friend- Richard Berry