LOUIE LOUIE represents a feeling, a groove, a state of being that can’t always be completely verbalized.

LOUIE LOUIE is a license to use extremely simple tools, and develop a beautiful monster of staggering proportions.

LOUIE LOUIE is road map meant to be lost, found, ripped apart, and pieced back together by musically-minded people that seek a path of 3-part purity and intensely beautiful noise.

Back in 1963, when a band known as the Kingsmen recorded the song “LOUIE LOUIE,” they had no idea that people would ever latch onto it, and make it some sort of iconic beacon of great garage rock. They were just five white teenagers out of Oregon, trying to cut a demo, just so they could get other jobs outside of their regular gig at the local teen dance hall. They didn’t even like the sound of their recording, and were shocked when their producer asked them for $36 to cover the costs of the recording session!!

LOUIE LOUIE represents freedom at it’s purest level.

You don’t have to be a millionaire rock star with the latest technology to make great music. Any schmoo with a guitar, a drum kit, a tin can, or simply a voice to sing with, has the power to make real music from the heart. With a passion for what one believes in, one can create great music, images, moving pictures, or writings. With the spirit of that which is LOUIE LOUIE, one can take the simplest of concepts, drive it with intense passion, and transcend stereotypes of bland simplicity.

If the concept behind LOUIE LOUIE could ever be distilled, it would probably be outlawed.

Join us.

Eric Predoehl
producer/ director of upcoming documentary THE MEANING OF LOUIE,
webmaster for LOUIELOUIE.NET