Film Credits

This is an incomplete, working list of Film Credits for the upcoming documentary, so if I have somehow forgotten to list you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Eric Predoehl
Jesse Block

Eric Predoehl

Associate Producers:
James MacLeod
Clay Stabler
Jeff “Stretch” Riedle
Dan Gunning

Photo Credits:
Richard Berry
Dorothy Berry
Rick Rillera
Paula Wiwuga
Jack Ely
Lynn Easton
Robert Lindahl
Jeff Miller of Wiley’s Golden Oldies, Tacoma, WA
Karen Howe, KFJC Radio
Pat Mason
Don Rogers
Alec Palao
Rudy Bachelor of the Solititudes – Rockin Robin Roberts
Robert Reese – Rockin’ Robin Roberts
Neal Pargman

Music (an incomplete list of music licensed and ready for use):
Richard Berry
Jack Ely
Lady Bo Trio
Rick Davies
Brian Talley
Scott Matthews
Suzie Kriz
Ron Williams & Scuttlebutt
Alexander Surmont
Kaye Walden
The Creatures

Doc Pelzel
Jeff “Stretch” Riedle
Frank Luft
Dave Marsh
Theo De Grood
Clay Stabler
Mike Hintze
Andy Martello
Ron Fowler
Alec Palao
Mary Willix
Phil Milstein
Donrad Montgomery
Ned Sublette
Neal Skok
Jim Dawson
Steve Propes
Dick Peterson
Peter Blecha

Doug Rice
Dr. Mike Olson

Invaluable Help:
(this is going to be a very long list…. feel free to write me to remind me…)

Special Thanks:
Dan Gunning
Gerry Fialka
John Broven
Mark Herbert
Ann and Dave Casey
Paul Korntheuer
Roger Armstrong
Richard Foos
Denise Lamkin
Laurel Rudy
Myke Destiny Dotson
Clark Besch
Brian Jenkins
Lori “Tongue Lady” Morisette
Jose “Hawkeye” Scott
Michael Jennings