RIP: Michael Slavko, aka M. Dung, radio DJ + LOUIE enthusiast

Today I was deeply saddened by the news of the passing of our friend Michael Slavko, aka M. Dung, as shared on Facebook by his fiancee Judy Crum.

Dung was a big advocate of LOUIE LOUIE, and hosted two LOUIE LOUIE Parades in conjunction with KFOG Radio and the Leukemia Society in San Francisco.

In the last years of his life, he was dealing with a variety of health issues, and this morning, he died peacefully at UCSF.

A few years ago, I paid tribute to Dung with a post entitled “Hail Hail M. Dung!! (LOUIE of the Week)

Today, we pay tribute to my friend Mike Slavko, aka the legendary disc jockey known as “M. Dung.”

M.Dung was a very popular disc jockey on KFOG Radio in San Francisco for many years. He had a program called the “Idiot Show” that celebrated the absurdity of rock ‘n’ roll. Rhino Records even released a special CD that paid this tribute to very special show.

When the Leukemia Foundation partnered up with KFOG to create the first LOUIE LOUIE Parade in 1988, Dung was the man chosen to be the ringleader /”Grand Louie” of this event. The event, which also featured composer Richard Berry as a special guest, turned to be very successful, and they did it again in 1989.

Since that time, Dung has done of lot of other things, eventually leaving KFOG, and launching a special “Idiot Show” podcast for the 21st Century.

In this post, I shared some video clips that featured Dung:

My friend David Schumacher, who worked with Dung at Apple, shared a webpage that featured an excellent interview of Dung by Justin Bozung:

O-Day, O-Dow, Eye! Justin is joined by radio great M. Dung aka Michael Slavko. M. Dung first hit the airwaves with his “Idiot Show” in Grand Rapids, MI on WLAV-FM before transplanting himself out on KFOG-FM in San Francisco, CA. Dung earned a massive following in California in the mid ’80s- which grew into legions of followers by the early ’90s- earning him his place in the book as the last truly great radio DJ in the pre-Clear Channel era of radio.

Dung, a Michigan native, talks with Justin about his days on the air in Grand Rapids and San Francisco, his podcast “The Mutant Idiot Show” and how he crafted his signature rock-n-roll wild man persona.

Here’s a few photos that Dung shared with his friends on Facebook….

1985 Dead house, San Rafael — with Kenny Wardell, Jerry Garcia and M. Dung.

John Fogerty with M. Dung

About an hour ago, his daughter Antigone Slavko shared these heartfelt words at the KFOG’s “The Idiot Show” M Dung Facebook page:

Thank you all so much for loving and supporting Dung over the years. My dad was not the sort of person who expressed his feelings openly, but I know for a fact that in his darkest times you all gave him strength. There was nothing he loved more than sharing his favorite music with the world. If you find yourself feeling sad, play Louie Louie loud enough to piss off your neighbors. And take some comfort in knowing that, right at this very moment, he’s sharing a triple bacon cheeseburger with The King.

Rest in peace, my friend. You shall not be forgotten.

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Justin Bozung’s Interview with M.Dung

13 comments to RIP: Michael Slavko, aka M. Dung, radio DJ + LOUIE enthusiast

  • Lisa

    RIP. You will be sorely missed. Love to your family.

  • Hawkeye Joe

    Thanks for this tribute; I found it via Google – believe it or not!

  • Robert Garcia

    Thank You So Much M 😊

  • mike brison

    Sorry to learn of Dung’s going A-way. I was the listener who made the Dung Fly shirts for him. On Sundays my students would call in and Mike would always play their requests. I taped the shows and played them in class the following Friday I even took students to the studio 2 or three times. Great memories. Great music, and a great DJ. And so for the last 22 years I have been a DJ on radio KKUP, 91.5fm and on the net. I am Mike the Fly, named after the Dung Fly shirt! My musical format is the same as Dung’s- a mix of doo wop, soul, blues, rockabilly, pop–but no Bobby Vee! I’m 72 years old and I still love being on the radio playing music. Dung’s kind of music. Got to keep the music alive. Your truly, Mike the Fly.

  • Paul Manchester

    I’d just brought up Dung in a conversation about 5 minutes ago. I’m saddened. I was just saying that when I first came out here in 85, I picked up on KFOG right away. I was just saying that the mornings on KFOG, with Dung rolling into Dave Morey were about the best radio I’d ever heard. It was as good as it gets.

    Thanks Dung….Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  • John H. Chase

    M.DUNG was my radio listning HIGHLITE & it will never be the same. I’ve allway’s loved KFOG for bringing him to me. RIP M.

  • Brent Williams

    Sorry to hear of Dung’s passing. I was a huge fan both on the Sunday night show and the morning drive time show. I was a software engineer in the 1980s commuting from Fremont to Alameda, and could time it to catch the end of Dung’s show and the start of 10 @ 10 with Dave Morey. Radio heaven.

    I met M. Dung once, when he was doing a promo event at the opening of the Raley’s supermarket in Fremont, with my then one-year-old son. Sweltering hot summer day, and Dung was standing out in the sun doing his best to fire up the crowd. I still remember having a chat with him, and feeling that he was a really decent regular guy, despite his legendary status at the top of the ratings in a very tough market.

  • Phil

    When I was a broadcasting student at San Jose State University back in the early 80’s, I wrote Dung a letter asking for advice. He actually called me instead of writing back which was awesome and gave me some great advice which helped me find work in radio after I graduated from college. Dung, you were a class act and I really appreciate your advice and even more The Idiot Show on KFOG. You were the best rock DJ ever!

  • Ronald MacInnis

    I was a homeless buffalo who crashed for 7 months in a crowded tenement in the Mission. I listened to M. Dung on head phones and worked as a bike messenger at
    “Speedies” on pier 9. M. was an ideal DJ who brought thought and history to millions of listeners. I am saddened that the world of rock fans will never be as stimulated as when M. Dung’s voice came from a radio.

  • curt l sly

    i was very saddened to hear that mike M DUNG passed away at such a young age. when he was at kfog radio in san francisco. i almost never listened to anyone else but him. so much energy, love for music. he reminded me so much of wolfman jack. i remember talking to him many times on the radio station hotline. such a nice guy. i will miss him so much. he was one of the best bay area disc jockeys there ever was. RIP M. AWAYYYYY.

  • R. Franks

    I kind of find M.Dung’s passing real difficult to believe. I once asked Dung to play See you later Alligator from Bill Haley & the comets and did so. I taped his shows and mailed them to my brother in Montana and in return I got Ray Durkee’s Sunday at the Memories. Don’t get me wrong Dung’s Sunday Night Idiot show rates number 1 over Durkee’s Sunday at the memories. but both had great shows.

  • John L

    I want to pay my respects to MDung, could you please tell me where I could do that? I currently live in California, my best friend has lived in Grand Rapids for the last 20 years. RIP M Dung

  • Doug Meyer

    Shit, M. Dung has been dead for 5 years? How the hell did I miss that! I lived in the city in the late 80s and listened to him every morning while driving down 280 to work in the Silly-con valley. I called KFOG as I was getting ready to split for Phoenix and M picked up the phone. We talked for a few minutes and I thanked him for his broadcasting beauty. Sad news indeed. And now I discover that KFOG has morphed into a sports talk station? I think I’m going to puke.

    At least I live in Portland now, home of both The Kingsman and Paul Revere and the Raiders. The debate still rages as to which band recorded Louie Louie first. Interestingly, the bands both used the same recording studio about a week or so apart. Small compensation for such big losses.

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