RIP: Carlo Driggs, former singer with Paul Revere & Raiders (LOUIE of Week)

More sad news in the Raider universe with the unexpected passing of Carlo Driggs, former singer with Paul Revere & the Raiders.

Wayne MacKinnon, a close friend of Carlo, shared a wonderful tribute on his Shiny Squirrel Podcast Network:


It’s with a heavy heart we share to you, that former Raider Carl (Carlo) Driggs has passed away. Carl was the lead vocals for the group from 1983 through 2004. His pristine vocals captured the energy of the hits and songs of Paul Revere & The Raiders.

Carl has had a successful career in music. In the early 70’s Carl was lead singer for the band Kracker, that had modest success, enough to get the attention of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and sign them as the first group to their Rolling Stones record label, and as their opening band on European tours. After Kracker, came more success for Carl with the group Foxy, where they charted #9 on Billboard and #1 on Soul for the hit song “Get Off”, followed by other songs that charted in the Top 100.

Then in 1983, Revere hired Carl to be the lead singer of his group until parting in 2004. Carl continued in music, and just recently released his book, “A Lead Singer’s Life” by Carlo Driggs.

Our thoughts are with his wife Tabatha, his children, family, friends and fans!

Carl, Thank you for all that you’ve given the world through your voice and music, and the energy you exuded in every show! A true entertainer and friend!

…. and course, here’s Carlo singing THAT SONG, captured live with the Raiders back in 1986!

Reference Links:

Shiny Squirrel Podcast Network – Tribute to Carlo Driggs

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7 comments to RIP: Carlo Driggs, former singer with Paul Revere & Raiders (LOUIE of Week)

  • Laurel

    This crap needs to STOP!!!
    I’m so tired of hearing about GOOD people dying!!!
    ENOUGH, already!!!!!!!

  • Judy joyce

    He was always so froendly at kool 103 concerts in jackson tn

  • Jake Thomason

    Hi Tabitha!… I hope you remember me from “Kicks” in Reno Nevada, I was the Stallone look alike/Body double,that worked for Paul Revere… I just heard the news,I’m so terribly sorry for your loss, Carl was a genuine mans man, and he loved you so very dearly.I distinctly remember the both of you, as being virtually inseparable!…Remember meeting him for the first time,and instead of the traditional handshake’he gave me a huge hug, and welcomed me to the family!… I must admit, I was pretty take back by it?…but now,that’s all I ever do now, when I meet someone I’m comfortable around!…Both of you, had so much love to give,and I really don’t think the world had enough people,to accommodate?… I dearly love and miss you both!… He made a big difference in this world,that will never be forgotten… So with eyes full of tears,I wish you the very best, that one human being, could possibly wish another!… With all the love in my heart…My prayers are with you!… Sincerely, Jake Thomason…

  • Debbie

    Its been a year now and the void is still as big as ever…. Miss you Carl will see you again my friend.. Say hello to Paul for me. Love ya

  • Paul G.

    To Mr. Driggs family,
    I met him in Reno after a performance and I never forgot him! I thought he would live forever, because he appeared in such good shape. He was a gentleman, a true professional performer and polite, real man! I was impressed! I was shocked to find of his passing. I was googling him today because today I remembered him strongly. Sad news for me!
    I know he is in a better place awaiting for all his fans to join him someday!
    There be great music for us all- waiting!
    Your unknown friend,

  • Brad Rowe

    I was, and still am, a huge fan of the band Kracker with Carlo being the lead singer. I didn’t know Carlo personally, but I did see Kracker several times in the 70’s. I always thought that Kracker would become a huge success, largely due to Carlo. But things happened and Kracker broke up. I still listen to their songs. RIP Carlo.

  • Cindy

    Hello Brad Rowe. Did you happen to catch Carlo at Poppa Joe’s in Park Ridge,Illinois circa 1971? My band opened for them.

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