The Barry Curtis website + the Nikki Carter benefit

I just found out my pal Barry Curtis now has a website –

Barry Curtis joined the Kingsmen back in 1963 after they found success with LOUIE LOUIE. Before that, he was in a Yakima, Washington-based band known as the Redcoats. At different points of his career, he’s been in the Daily Flash, Hoodoo Johnson, Los Orchids, Herb & The Spices, and something called Freddie and the Screamers. When I was living in Seattle in 1996, he had something called The Bowling Stones, which was a fun little bar band he created with Jim Manolides (of the Frantics, James Henry & the Olympics). Since 1963, he’s been a consistent member of the Kingsmen for as long as the band has been together, with the exception of a period from 1966 to 1967, when he served in Vietnam.

Barry’s a very talented guy, and he composed one of my favorite Kingsmen originals, “That’s Cool, That’s Trash,” which has been the unofficial theme song for my eBay auctions. In addition all these bands he’s been a part of, he’s also got a band that is titled simply the “Barry Curtis Trio.”

If you haven’t met Barry Curtis yet, I would encourage you to seek him out the next time he passes through your town, and say hello. He’s one of the good guys!

I just found out about Barry’s website when I got an email from Steve and Lucette Pearson. Steve was part of a great Northwest band known as the Heaters, which I discovered when my friend Neal Skok gave me an excellent CD compilation.

Anyways, Steve and Lucette Pearson are organizing a benefit for their friend Nikki Carter.

Here’s what they wrote:

You and your friends
are invited to a benefit to raise money
for our friend Nikki Carter on
Sunday, August 21st from 1 – 5PM (Over 21 only)
at The Swiss Pub in Tacoma
There is a cover charge of $10. and donations will be accepted all afternoon
Nikki was badly burned and spent a week at Harborview without insurance
The entertainment line-up is”
Vera, Chuck & Dave (Lucette, Steve & Tim and maybe a drummer)
Igneous Rocks (David Dear)
The SODS (Steve, Keith, Mick & Rusty)
Voodoo Ranch (Pat Boyle)
The Rangehoods (Steve, Pat, Marc, Billy & Don, Aliment if we can get him out of the house and anyone who ever dreamed of being in the ‘hoods)
Yes Steve will be quite busy!
Don’t be late and don’t miss a minute of this musical extravaganza!

Steve’s website is at

2 comments to The Barry Curtis website + the Nikki Carter benefit

  • John Norris

    Hey Barry! Been decades. I taught you the words to Little Latin Lupe Lou arounf 1963/erly ’64. You hadn’t taken off from Yakistan to Portland or Seattle to gig with the K’men at that time. I bbrought my kids to a surfing contest in Oceanside, CA where the K’men played in the mid 80s and saidn hi. Any way I saw Ely passed today and thought about the Kingsmen and the Wailers (Robin Roberts vocas specifically) and decided to drop a quick note. You may/may not remember me but you played a gig at YVC and invited me up to sing (I had bands in Virginina where I lived as dad was i the Army). It was a kick! I left YVC and went to Taiwan and organized a band while trying to avoid the draft and ended up photo double and stand-n work for Steve McQueen during the filminng of the San Pebbles and later, the Get Away. Any way, I hope this not finds you in great spirits and more importantly in good health. Cheers from Cardiff by the Sea Barry. Our roads crossed and I remember you with a smile and fondness. John

  • Geoff Scott chad Bell

    Hi Barry..
    It’s. Geoff Elherd
    from. Ct.
    Hope all is well. Still rocking. Want to. Wish you a happy birthday hope all is well.
    Drop me a line

    Have a great bday and Thanksgiving

    Have a big ornge

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