Meet Bob Wayne, of Rhino’s Best of LOUIE LOUIE and Big Daddy

This week, I’d like to introduce the world to someone that was closely involved with the 1983 Rhino record known as THE BEST OF LOUIE LOUIE, a release that was one of the catalysts, along with the KFJC radio marathon, that directly inspired behind this LOUIE LOUIE documentary project. It was the synergy of […]

The Copy Cats – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is on The Copy Cats, a band from Germany.

Here they are performing live at Angi’s Birthday Bash, Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Copy Cats began in 1991 in the town of Frankfurt. Members of the band include Silke, lead vocals (ex-Machotoys), Mülli, guitar & vocals (ex-Ten Buck Fuck), […]