Demi Moore to do LOUIE and other links to the LOUIE circle

According to a webpage dedicated to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that I discovered via Technorati, actress Demi Moore is recording a version of LOUIE LOUIE for a movie about Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Here’s the link for this timely news.

Off the top of my head, here’s some semi-related cyclical information that ties back […]

Japanese review of LOUIE?

Oh….. how I wish I could read Japanese. This looks like a Japanese review of the Ace Records “Love That LOUIE” CD:

Old music videos online- probably not for long….

Hey, want to see some crusty old rock music clips with the Yardbirds, the Seeds, Count Five, Wilson Pickett, Ray Charles, the Zombies, the Rolling Stones, and some other great musicians from the 60’s? Here’s a link that has a whole bunch of fine music clips. It probably won’t last, so enjoy it while you […]