The Cramps 1981 – LOUIE of the Week

The recent death of Lux Interior of the Cramps still weighs heavily at LOUIE Central, as do more deaths than I care to think about. Some close friends of mine have also lost some dear people in their lives, and my heart goes out to them. At the LOUIE Party Yahoo Group, some of my […]

Random thoughts on a special anniversary date

Today is a very special date for me, this LOUIE project, and the LOUIE universe. My friend Stretch Riedle sent out a little email reminder today at the LOUIE PARTY Yahoo group: On August 19th, 1983, at 6:00pm [it was a Friday] I sat in the studios at KFJC with several others and began what […]

The World’s Largest Record Collection?

Thanks to BoingBoing, I found out about an intriguing sale on eBay. From Thomas Edison to American Idol, this is the complete history of the music that shaped and defined five generations. 3 million records and 300,000 CDs containing more than 6 million song titles. It’s the undisputed largest collection of recorded music in the […]

RIP: Lee Hazlewood, singer-songwriter

Where I live in Northern California, I’m fortunate to experience some fairly decent weather, visit some great record and book stores, and see a lot of different musical acts. One of the places I’ve seen some really enjoyable acts is at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is an old amusement park on the coast […]

Blast from past – 1987

Some of the best intended plans… take longer than expected. I’m working on a project in conjunction with the folks at LouieFest that’s taking longer than I imagined. As I hate to ignore the blog for over seven days, I’ll share a photo from my archives. Here’s a photo of KFJC DJs Phil Dirt, Jeff […]

RIP: Sandy West, drummer for Runaways

From Stretch Riedle, the uber-archivist of LOUIE recordings: Only slightly Louie Louie related but very worthy of mention: Sandy West, the drummer for the Runaways, has died of lung cancer. She was only 47. About 6 years or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy West. She was in northern California for a […]

The NEW “No LOUIE LOUIE” products via CafePress

While I may no longer be selling full bottles of LOUIE LOUIE wine coolers over the internet, I’ve now got something else to offer folks that want to pick up more LOUIE LOUIE merchandise. I’m proud to present the all-new “No LOUIE LOUIE” products now being offered at my new CafePress storefront! Back in 1983 […]

The Next LOUIE LOUIE Marathon

Monday was quite a day for LOUIE LOUIE appreciators. Big Baboo’s show from Moab, Utah was really a lot of fun. I got interviewed on the radio, Stretch Riedle (creator of the legendary KFJC Maximum LOUIE marathon) was interviewed, and even a former Kingsmen vocalist called in with a live impromptu version. There were a […]