The Shockwaves 1999 beach performance – LOUIE of the Week

Today, the second day of August, we’re going to celebrate the birthday of Joe Kelly, one of the two original guitarists of the Shockwaves, a Bay Area surf band that became active in the 1980s. This 1999 performance was probably the last time the band did anything together before the members drifted apart. This was […]

Neil Young – a slightly recycled LOUIE of the Week to celebrate five special people!

Thanks to the silly social network known as Facebook, I’ve discovered that five friends of mine are celebrating their birthday this week. Because all five of these friends have a connection to KFJC and the big LOUIE Marathon, I thought I’d give a shout-out to ’em all at once with this little LOUIE of the […]

The A.P. story on Jack Ely, Louie Louie, and money from music

My sister Ann, who shares a birthday with Jack Ely, was the first one to send me this story as shared by the Baltimore Sun:

Singers tell Congress: Money (That’s What I Want) By Ryan Nakashima | The Associated Press May 4, 2009 . Jack Ely, the singer whose 1963 version of “Louie Louie” still […]

Cassady’s Hammer – LOUIE of the Week

Today is the birthday for my friend Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, the man whose antics inspired the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, and the big LOUIE LOUIE documentary project which this website is all about. Today, Stretch is probably lounging around on some Santa Cruz beach in his birthday suit. Or maybe he’s hammering away […]

The Cramps 1981 – LOUIE of the Week

The recent death of Lux Interior of the Cramps still weighs heavily at LOUIE Central, as do more deaths than I care to think about. Some close friends of mine have also lost some dear people in their lives, and my heart goes out to them.

At the LOUIE Party Yahoo Group, some of my […]

The Shockwaves live in 1999 – LOUIE of the Week

It’s winter time in the United States, and folks are looking for some warmth during cold times. I thought to myself… why not provide a little glimmer of summertime to warm the spirits of my friends in cyberspace?

Today, I’m sharing yet another rare video nugget from the E.P. archives, all while highlighting a previously […]

Notes from a fellow archivist

(Here’s a little email that I found in my email box that I felt was worth sharing with others….)

So, I have this weird hobby. I became interested with a single song and the many different versions of it. I began collecting the different versions. I first did some simple searches on P2P networks, finding […]

Random thoughts on a special anniversary date

Today is a very special date for me, this LOUIE project, and the LOUIE universe. My friend Stretch Riedle sent out a little email reminder today at the LOUIE PARTY Yahoo group:

On August 19th, 1983, at 6:00pm [it was a Friday] I sat in the studios at KFJC with several others and began what […]

Happy B-Day for Stretch & Iggy Pop- LOUIE of the week

Today, it’s a birthday celebration for Iggy Pop, punk rock icon, and Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, owner of the world’s largest collection of LOUIE LOUIE recordings.

Truth be told, I do blame Stretch for getting me into this LOUIE LOUIE mess. If it weren’t for that Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC many years ago, I […]

The World’s Largest Record Collection?

Thanks to BoingBoing, I found out about an intriguing sale on eBay.

From Thomas Edison to American Idol, this is the complete history of the music that shaped and defined five generations. 3 million records and 300,000 CDs containing more than 6 million song titles. It’s the undisputed largest collection of recorded music […]