The World’s Largest LOUIE LOUIE Sing-A-Long ? (Portland, OR)

I found this one on Facebook…


The official webpage for this event provides more details…

The World’s Largest Louie, Louie Sing-A-Long
Thursday, June 25th 5:30PM-6:30PM
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Ave

On Thursday, June 25 from 5:30pm-6:30pm Know Your City(KYC) will host The World’s Largest Louie, Louie Sing-A-Long, an event to promote the music tour, Sing a Song of Portland and to launch a new summer fundraising drive, on the steps of Portland City Hall. The event will be led by Master of Ceremonies, Tres Shannon, of Voodoo Doughnuts, and feature performances from local bands, Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls Band with special guests – the original surviving members of The Kingsmen, reggae band Heavy City, and The Beat Goes On Marching Band, with more special guests to be announced.

The World’s Largest Louie, Louie Sing-A-Long is also the launch of a summer fundraising drive to support KYC’s highly regarded placemaking programs which engage the public in arts and social justice. KYC programming appeals to locals and visitors, with the goal to educate through experiential projects, such as youth programs, walking tours and publications. Louie, Louie is featured on the Sing-A-Song of Portland walking tour – a trip through Portland’s musical past, giving tour-goers the opportunity to hear – and sing! – songs featured on the tour. KYC’s summer fundraising drive is necessary to ensure the organization can continue to develop innovative projects that take risks and celebrate creative placemaking in Portland.

Everyone knows the song, Louie, Louie. It’s considered to be one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time, and is known around the world. The familiar opening riff is played by high school marching bands at every parade, every hometown football game. What many people don’t know is that the most famous version was recorded here in Portland by local band, The Kingsmen, in 1963, right off SW 13th and Burnside. Although recorded more than 1600 times, this version of Louie, Louie has been the most enduring and the most controversial from the hard-partying guitars to the hard to distinguish lyrics the FBI thought were obscene. A fact that only added to its allure!

The program for KYC’s World’s Largest Louie, Louie Sing-A-Long will include:

– Tres Shannon as Master of Ceremonies to introduce the festivities and bring his special Blouie, Louie Voodoo Doughnuts made exclusively for the event with proceeds donated to KYC!

Terry Currier, from Portland landmark Music Millennium and Roger Hart, former radio announcer and manager of Paul Revere & the Raiders, will tell the history of the song and provide personal anecdotes from Portland’s musical past.

– Commissioner Nick Fish will read an official declaration June 25th Celebrate Louie, Louie day, by proclamation of the City.

And more bands, as they confirm!

Help us set the world’s record! RSVP to the Facebook event and receive up-to-the-minute info about new bands added and special guests!

Only one day before the event??? A shame I didn’t know about this one sooner….

Good luck, Portland!!

Reference Links official webpage

Official Facebook page

Pete Townshend & The Clash – Lost LOUIE of the Week

Today we launch a brand-new variation in the “LOUIE of the Week” department!

The “Lost LOUIE of the Week” is a celebration of legendary versions of THE SONG that were witnessed, but never recorded… (as far as we’ve been able to figure out)!

Here’s the very FIRST “Lost Louie of the Week,” courtesy by my friend Joe Maccoll of the UK:


Jan. 9th 1980,Pete Townshend joins The Clash onstage in Brighton,they played “garageland,” “bankrobber” and “Louie Louie.”

Anyone anywhere got a copy of this?

So YES!!….Does anyone out in cyberspace have a recording of this legendary performance???

Please speak up!!

Box Office Poison – LOUIE of the Week


This week’s LOUIE is by a band known as Box Office Poison.

Apparently, this version of the classic Louie Louie was voted best version of the song by listeners of XFM radio. It was featured on the Box Office Poison EP entitled “Think for Yourself,” which is available on CD and digital download.

Box Office Poison - Think For Yourself CD

The official biography at provided more information about the band:

In the 1990’s B.O.P. started a new genre of music called Pop Noir, which has a atmospheric, filmic feel and gritty lyrics just like it’s sister genre Film Noir. Production was experimental, with song writer/producer and driving force Russell C. Writer reluctant to leave the studio until he’d invented a new sound or way of doing things on the tracks.

With a central core of permanent members and a fluid line-up of guest members the band was able to incorporate new sounds whenever required. There are elements of jazz improv, film music, catchy pop, punk attitude and classical style in the tracks. This combination gives B.O.P. a very distinctive and alternative sound.

We all know bands who say they’re doing something really different, only to find that they’re doing the same old thing as everybody else. Being a rebel is to go against the grain and the establishment! Nearly everyone who decides to be in a band picks up a guitar as a starting point. Box Office Poison do not use guitars in any of their tracks. They feel they are the only true rebels coming out in music these days. This is not a vain attempt to hype themselves into the press. It’s just that they’d rather pick up a ‘cello when indie guitar is flavour of the month. Also they don’t just sit there ripping off different bits of other people’s hits and stick them in an ever playing loop on a computer. They have a totally new way of composing songs and playing their instruments. There’s plenty more we could say but we think you get the picture. As you will have gathered by now, Box Office Poison appeals to the individual in everyone!

Producer/song writer Russell uses the human voice as another instrument so on some tracks multiple different vocal tracks merge with the backing rather than float above it. Squeaking, soaring, tapping and crying ‘cello adds a haunting and sometimes dolphin or whale-like sound to the intros and outros. Sax trails loosely around in the background giving some tracks a night club feel.

Unfortunately, the band did not last….

Box Office Poison remained cutting edge artists over several years. After changing their name briefly to Pop Noir in 2001 they finally called it a day and dissolved the band in 2002. Psykick Holiday has now taken up the Pop Noir baton on the FLR label.

More details about the band can be found at

RIP: Gary Abbott, drummer with Kingsmen


Here’s something I just found out about. Gary Abbott, the second drummer with the Kingsmen, passed away recently.

Gary had a short run with the Kingsmen. He joined the band sometime after LOUIE LOUIE vocalist / guitarist Jack Ely and bassist Bob Nordby quit the band on August 16, 1963. There was a big falling out when Kingsmen drummer Lynn Easton told the rest of the band that he registered the name for himself, and decided to install himself as the new permanent lead singer of the band. Lynn also wanted Jack to be the permanent drummer. Jack decided this was unacceptable, and quit the band, along with Bob Nordby.

The Kingsmen enlisted Gary Abbott to play drums and Norm Sundholm to play bass, joining himself, Mike Mitchell and Don Gallucci for the new line-up.

I’m not sure how many gigs this variation of the Kingsmen performed, but I know they definitely performed a big show sometime October 1963 at the Chase nightclub, which was recorded live for the first Kingsmen album released by Wand Records. I believe Gary was also part of the Kingsmen when they did a three-week Midwest tour in December 1963.

Sometime after that tour, Dick Peterson replaced Gary Abbott on drums, and Barry Curtis replaced Don Gallucci on keyboards.

After that, I’m not really sure what happened to Gary Abbott. I never tracked him down for the LOUIE documentary, and there’s not much information I could find about him on the internet.

Thanks to the powers of internet social media, I was able to find out via Facebook that Gary passed away in his sleep on April 10th. Seventeen days later, Jack Ely passed away on April 27th.

I’m sorry I never had a chance to chat with Gary.

Rest in peace, Gary.


Gary Abbott’s Facebook page

Mississippi Fred McDowell plays “Louise” – LOUIE relative of the Week

This week, the LOUIE REPORT shares a clip of Mississippi Fred McDowell performing “Louise.”

It’s not LOUIE, but it is a LOUIE relative!

Have a fine weekend, y’all…..!!

Flash from past – 1977 news tidbit on Kingsmen members

Once upon a time, there were three guys from the Kingsmen that started another band….


Rolling Stones “Hang On Sloopy” – LOUIE mutant of the Week


Here’s a special treat for my Hoosier friends!

Hang On Sloopy” is a close relative of LOUIE LOUIE. We haven’t quite figured out the best way to define the bloodline but there’s a connection that cannot be denied – three chords, a catchy groove and a dedicated group of supporters anxious to embrace it as a state song.

So for now, we’ll just continue to call it a “LOUIE mutant”… or a “LOUIE cousin”… or something like that….

The Rolling Stones recently paid tribute to this song and its legacy when they played it in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. Years before “Hang On Sloopy” became Ohio’s official rock song, and an anthem at all the sporting events throughout the Buckeye State, the Rolling Stones included it as a regular part of their repertoire in 1966.


Rolling Stone – Watch Rolling Stones Perform ‘Hang On Sloopy’ for First Time Since 1966

Columbus Alive concert review – The Rolling Stones at Ohio Stadium

Wall Street Journal – Hey! You! Get Off of My Lawn! by Bob Greene

James Henry & Olympics – Sloopy (LOUIE-mutant) of the Week

Thinking about “Sloopy” – a LOUIE relative

The Rocket 88s “Luigi Luigi” – LOUIE of the Week

This week, my friend Andy Martello shares a tasty LOUIE LOUIE, which has been declared “LOUIE of the Week!”

Bon Appetit!


The Olive Mill in San Tan Valley, AZ offers more than an olive grove, peach farm, and gourmet food shop. On weekends, they also feature live music.

During Memorial Day, they offered peach bratwursts, delicious beverages, and a blues festival.

The Rocket 88s played many a fine blues tune and entertained everyone thoroughly. At the end their set, they proclaimed they were going to play “An Italian Blues Song.”

I missed the opening chords, because… how was I to know the song they were going to play was “LUIGI LUIGI??”

Enjoy the song and the drunk dancing, the even more drunken commentary, and a fun version of a song we all love.

This one would have been great for the Italian LOUIE LOUIE Marathon!!

Record Collector Hell

record collector LOUIE LPs (poodled picture)

Paul Shaffer on 1990 David Letterman show – LOUIE of the Week

paul_Shaffer -LouieLouie

In celebration of David Letterman‘s amazing television legacy this week, here’s Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band performing a lively version of “Louie Louie” on Letterman’s Late Night TV show on January 11, 1990.

I love this version. Paul Shaffer had just released a solo album entitled “Coast to Coast,” and for this performance pays tribute to Paul Revere & the Raiders with the revolutionary war-type outfits.

I’m really going to miss seeing David Letterman on late night television. He was just like the TV nephew of MAD Magazine‘s Alfred E. Neuman, sharing a wicked sense of humor that both celebrated and sauteed the absurdities of the show biz universe. Exploding watermelons, stupid pet tricks, messing with customers at crappy fast food eateries, and ripping into the hypocrisies of the show-biz/political phonies were just a few of the things that Letterman truly excelled at.

Thank you David.
Thank you Paul.

It was a fantastic run!