A Corporate LOUIE LOUIE music video

My friend Jim Snow of Unique Media just told me about a recently-discovered LOUIE LOUIE music video produced by Rhea Communications of San Jose, California. So as you go the official website at rheacom.com, you can go to the “demo showcase.” Right dab in the middle of the nine video clips is something called “corporate music video,” which is a music video entitled “Lew-E, Lew-E” peformed by The HP’s.

Apparently, this is a music video for a retiring C.E.O. of Hewlett Packard. As the special lyrics have the lines “Compaq, Dell and Sun a pain,” one can immediately assume this was NOT produced for Carly Fiorina, who orchestrated the big H.P.-Compaq merger that’s been the subject of a lot of controversy.

Lew Platt was the subject of this special tribute, and thanks to the Google monkeys, I learned that he also served on the Boeing board of directors after his career with H.P., and passed away recently.

Rest in peace, Lew.

2 comments to A Corporate LOUIE LOUIE music video

  • How long is that clip? I downloaded it and it stopped at about the minute-30 mark. Just wanted to know if I got all that was available. Funny LL find!

  • Wendy

    Really worthy info, thanx. I am crazy about music and try to keep up with the latest news:) the video is rather unusual, but very interesting. I often browse the Web for music there exists immense variety of good sites!

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