Final Cut Pro Lessons from a Master

Final Cut Pro is one of the great tools for the independent film and video producers. It’s my editing tool of choice for working on this epic documentary of mine, as well as my regular work in television production.

I’ve known my pal Kevin Monahan quite a few years. He’s an alumni from KFJC radio, the station where the legendary 63 hour MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE marathon took place. Kevin was also one of the first people to teach how to use Final Cut Pro, and actually created the very first Final Cut Pro users’ group, SF Cutters, which I’m a proud member of. He wrote a book entitled “Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Pro,” and he’s about to embark on a national workshop tour

If you are interested in learning more about Final Cut Pro, and would like to sign up for this special workshop, which travels to Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego within the next few months, I’ve got a very special deal exclusive to readers of

Sign up for this special workshop, and choose the “” category and then enter the code “louielouie.” By doing so, you save $20, and a donation is made to the production funds.

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