Richard Berry music for auto insurance!

Richard Berry‘s music has been used for a variety of different commercials, but most of the time it’s been utilized in the form of the Kingsmen‘s version of “LOUIE LOUIE.” In the past 10 years, we’re seen more companies embrace some of Richard’s other music for TV commercials, particularly the Sonics version “Have Love Will Travel,” which was first used for a Land Rover ad campaign.

It’s very rare that we hear a Richard Berry song on a commercial with Richard’s voice.

Liverpool Victoria, an insurance company based in the U.K., decided to change this with their latest ad campaign. For this new campaign, we get to hear “Have Love Will Travel” as sung by Richard.

Catchy little number, eh?

Here’s a little clip I shot with Richard singing that very song when he performed what turned out to be his final appearance with the Pharaohs.

For more information about Liverpool Victoria, you can visit their website, and send ’em some love for exceptional taste in music!

Big thanks to Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys for the heads-up on this one!

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