Jacknicholson (the band) – LOUIE of the Week


The week, we shine the mighty LOUIE spotlight on “Jacknicholson” – the band, not the actor. This one one features my pal Joe MacColl.

Jacknicholson was a UK rock and roll band from Peterborough Cambridgeshire,from 1990-94,members Joe MacColl on drums, Dean Nichols on vocals, Andy Donovan on bass,and Kev Murphy on guitar.

Joe told me the story on this one:

We managed to upload it at last, one of my old bands we were around from 1990-1994, story is I managed to blag* some studio time off an engineer friend,and sold it to the band on the condition we recorded that song.

* Yeah, I didn’t know what the hell “blag” is, but Joe tells me it’s simply “getting it for free.” Long live blag!!


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