J.J. Jackson – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE of the Week spotlight is directed at J.J. Jackson, performing LOUIE LOUIE on July 7, 2013 at Festival de Inverno Granja Vianna – Jazz & Blues at The Square Open Mall in São Paulo, Brazil.

This J.J. Jackson is not be confused with the MTV personality (aka John J. “J.J.” Jackson, Jr.) who passed away in 2004.

This J.J. Jackson, whose full name is Jerome Louis Jackson, is an American soul/R&B singer, songwriter, and arranger. He started out as a songwriter and arranger for “Brother” Jack McDuff, Jimmy Witherspoon, and the Shangri-Las, among others, for whom he wrote “It’s Easier to Cry.” He also composed the Pretty Things‘ 1966 hit single, “Come See Me,” but is best known for the 1966 soul hit “But It’s Alright” which became a very popular dance song that year, reaching No. 22 on the Billboard chart.

Big thanks to Clay Stabler for spotting this one!


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