Benedict Arnold & the Traitors w/ Mark Lindsay- LOUIE of the Week

A little over a month ago, UGLY THINGS magazine had a big 30th Anniversary party that lasted three days in San Diego, CA. There was a lot of music at this event – Glenn Campbell of the Misunderstood, Johnny Echols of LOVE, Ebbot Lundberg of the Soundtrack of Our Lives, the Nashville Ramblers, the Sloths, Freddy Fortune & Michael Maltese, as well as a record fair, and premiere screenings/previews of some exciting new music documentaries.

One of the bands that generated some fun attention was Benedict Arnold & the Traitors, a tribute band that celebrated the music of Paul Revere & the Raiders. What few people expected was the surprise visit by Mark Lindsay, the original singer of the original band…

One of the special songs that Mark sang with the band was the very song that ye website is focused on…..

With this in mind, here’s this week’s LOUIE, performed by Benedict Arnold & the Traitors with Mark Lindsay, live at the Casbah, San Diego, CA on May 26, 2013.

Here’s one camera angle of the show….

…and here’s another camera angle…

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