Lulu’s Marble – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the LOUIE spotlight is pointed at Lulu’s Marble, a band from Japan that existed between 1994-1999. provided an excellent overview of the band:

Lulu’s Marble was one of a long line of Japanese girl bands. Like so many others, they effectively worked the juxtaposition of cute looks and trashy garage rock, along with signature ear-splitting screams in most of their songs. None of the members were stellar musicials, but what the band lacked in chops, they made up for in guts and punk spirit. The band was formed in 1994, and released four albums – Lulu’s Marble (1994), Live (1995), Love Rock (1995), and Afro Girl (1997). The band had begun pushing the boundaries of their sound on Afro Girl, showing signs that they might be able to expand on their basic formula, but the unfortunate death of vocalist Akko in 1999 (coincidentally, the same year as the death of Mutsumi of Super Junky Monkey), put an end to the group. The surviving members, Okka, Toshie, and Miwa, later (in 2000) formed Lulu’s, which pushed on the same vein but was never able to push the same buttons as the original Lulu’s Marble. Members have also collaborated with other artists, including The King Brothers, lending their trademark wildness to a number of other releases.

Here’s a clip of their version of THE song!

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