The Return of LOUIE FEST in Tacoma!

The LOUIE FEST of Tacoma is coming back! Originally started by the Fabulous Wailers as a way to celebrate the song LOUIE LOUIE and the legacy of the Pacific Northwwest musicians that put it on the map, the LOUIE FEST is returning for a big celebration at the end of this month.

The event starts off with a very special kick-off show on Friday, July 27th with the Sonics at the Pantages Theater, marking the first time in many years they’ve performed in their hometown.

Saturday and Sunday are the big days for the LOUIE FEST, which takes place at the LeMay America’s Car Museum, right across from the Tacoma Dome. There’ll four stages with 40 bands, lots of food, arts, entertainer, a beer garden, and full admission to the Car Museum.

On Saturday, July 27th at 7 pm at the LeMay Main Stage, there will be a very rare appearance of Moby Grape, marking the FIRST time Tacoma’s own Jerry Miller will be appearing with the band in his hometown!

Singer Skip Spence‘s role will be performed by his son Omar Spence, who does a pretty decent job of channelling his father’s voice.

On Sunday, July 29th at 6pm at the LeMay Main Stage, the big 1000 Guitar Finale will take place, where EVERYONE is invited to bring their guitar and amplifier to play LOUIE LOUIE in unison… who knows..maybe set some kind of world record?

For more information, go to:
The webpage
The LouieFest Facebook page

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