2 Days until International LOUIE LOUIE Day

Within the next 48 hours, there will be a very special celebration. It probably won’t be covered by your local newspaper, and I doubt that you’ll see any segments on any television news program. It will mostly likely be a somewhat secretive, clandestine grassroots operation conducted by some dedicated believers of the power of LOUIE LOUIE.

Last year, I created a comic strip blog entry about LOUIE LOUIE day.

sample image from LOUIE LOUIE day via LouieLouie.net

Click HERE to read the full entry about International LOUIE LOUIE Day.

There’s also LouieDay.org, the official website for this very special day.

Here’s an idea: How about a bunch of us get together around noon on Friday at some crowded place in town where folks gather for lunch? We’ll grab some kazoos, trumpets, drums, and whatever instrument we feel like carrying and we’ll all break into a totally random version of LOUIE LOUIE. Maybe we’ll grab some kid to shoot some video, and post it to You Tube.

See you there…

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